All ways to block and limit the actions of Instagram accounts


Why block users on Instagram?

Someone writes inappropriate comments, someone is attacking Direct, someone is an outright hater, someone else is just unpleasant to you and you do not want to see him in your account. If you have a commercial account, you do not need fakes and bots. They are definitely not your target audience, and they are not useful, and you also need to get rid of them – the service DataFan helps with the search for inactive subscribers. Well, in this article we will tell you about all the options for blocking users in Instagram.

How to block an Instagram account

Can you block your subscriber? Yes. And someone who is not? Also yes. All you have to do is follow the instructions step by step and do it. It’s not scary and it’s not complicated.
So, operation “Blocking”.

  • Through the application on your smartphone.
  • Open your Instagram profile.
  • Open the list of followers.
  • In the search bar, find the account you want.
  • Open the profile and click on the three dots at the top.

How to find a profile to block on Instagram

  • Select the item “Block”.
  • Confirm the operation.

Via PC

The PC version also has the ability to block users. You start by authorizing your account on the Instagram site. Then repeat exercises 2 through 6 from the first method. It looks a little different.

If you want to block a person who is not in the subscriptions, look for him through the search bar. To do this, enter the username or URL. Going to the profile, you have to follow the same steps.

What the blocked user will see

At first he won’t see anything. Well he just won’t know about it. Instagram doesn’t send out blocking notifications. And that’s a plus. But that doesn’t mean the person will never know. He will. And that’s a minus. Although, if you’ve blocked it, you probably don’t care about that minus.

What happens to a blocked account?

  • Once an unwanted profile has been blocked you will automatically unsubscribe from each other. And he won’t be able to unsubscribe again.
  • All of his likes and comments on your posts will disappear. And they won’t reappear once you’ve unblocked him.
  • He won’t be able to find your account through an Instagram search.
  • The blocked person will not be able to mention your username or tag you. If you change your username right after being blocked, the blocked person still won’t be able to tag you until they know your exact new name.
  • If you had correspondence before, now you won’t see all the messages he or she sent you. And even after unlocking, those messages will only remain with the blocked sender.
  • If the blocked person is in the same group chat with you, a dialog will appear asking if you want to leave the group. If you stay in the group, you will continue to see messages from the blocked person in the chat.
  • A blocked user will only know that you have blocked him/her when he/she has logged in to your account to see that there is nothing there. It will be immediately clear to him.
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You’ll see each other’s accounts as empty: no posts, no storis, no followers. A blocked user will only be able to see your joint account sign-ups. Neither your subscriptions, nor your followers will be available to him/her.

How to block the person who blocked me

If you are suddenly blocked and you are so upset that you want to respond in the same way, there is a secret way to do it. In general, you don’t have to worry about the other party being able to watch you and you not. Not only are you mutually unsubscribed when blocked, but you stop seeing all activity. But if it’s a matter of principle, there is a way out.

Finding the person who blocked you is not possible, but if you have correspondence with him, it’s easy. You need to log into the account from the dialogue and block the user in a way you already know.

It’s a completely different story if there is no such correspondence. Instagram help center says that “the people you blocked will still be able to see your comments and “Like” marks to the posts of public accounts or accounts to which they are subscribed”. I decided to check, but it turns out that the story described in the Instagram rules wasn’t working for me. I’m assuming it could be due to the uneven rollout of updates to the app.

There is a workaround. You’ll need a second personal account. If you don’t have one, you need to create one.

  • So, we set the call signs for the actors.
  • Account 1 is your primary account, which is already blocked by someone else.
  • Account 2 – your second account.
  • Account 3 is the person who blocked you first.

What do I have to do?

  • Go to Account 2.
  • Search for Account 3.
  • Copy the link from Account 3, send it to Account 1.
  • Go back to Account 1.
  • Open the link sent from Account 2.
  • Press the three dots in the top right corner and, as usual, block the Account 3.
  • Be happy that you got what you want. That’s it.

There is also a way, but I won’t recommend you other services, I just don’t want to advertise them. Google will help you, if you need to.

Where to find a list of all blocked

All of your blocked accounts are stored in a special place in Instagram. It’s not hard to find it.

  • Go to your account.
  • Choose “Settings” → “Privacy” → “Blocked accounts.”

It may happen that you cannot find the profile you want. It is possible if:

  • the person deleted the page,
  • The user has changed the name of the account,
  • The page was blocked by Instagram,
  • the user has blocked you.

In this case, nothing can be done. Most likely, in Instagram you have lost each other forever.

How to unblock a person on Instagram

Now we can talk about how to unblock a person. There are two ways.

Method #1.

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Go to the list of blocked accounts, as I told you above.
Find the page you want.
Click “Unblock.”

Method #2.

  • Find the blocked account in your correspondence, if you had one.
  • Press the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Unblock it.

Another way to block someone else’s account is to complain about violations of Instagram’s own rules. The method is complicated. Instagram doesn’t block anyone’s account just like that and is very thorough in its review of complaints. But if you’re interested in this method as well, read the article on what you can complain about a user on Instagram.

Alternatives to blocking

The basic blocking method is as simple and straightforward as possible. If you are happy with it, then block at your leisure. But I want to talk about alternative ways to limit the interaction with your account by anyone. A kind of lightweight blocking. Well, in case you’re afraid of the word “block”?

Closing your account.

Instagram has made it possible to completely isolate people you don’t want. This magic button is called “Close Account.” With it, no person you don’t want on your profile will be able to view storis and posts.

What you need to do:

  • Go to your account settings.
  • Then go to “Privacy & Security.
  • Activate the closed account.

A closed account has a number of features:

  • All content in the account is only available to approved subscribers.
  • To view your profile after you close it, other users will need to request a subscription and wait for approval.
  • Other users will be able to send you messages even if they’re not your subscribers.

After closing an account, you can exclude unwanted accounts from your subscriptions. To do this:

  • Go to your account.
  • Click “Subscribers” at the top of the screen.
  • Click “Delete” to the right of the desired subscriber.
  • Confirm the deletion.

You can also block the person at this point. In any case, the user will not know about it, because he does not receive a notification. Just don’t forget about one nuance. If you open the account, any user will be able to subscribe to you again.

But keep in mind that you can only close a personal account. Business profiles do not have this option. As an option, you can use this function temporarily: move business account to personal account, weed out all unwanted and return business status again. But I don’t recommend this manipulation as in this case you will lose all analytics on the account.

Limiting Actions

If someone leaves inappropriate comments under your posts or is annoying in Direct, but you don’t want to block them, then set up a restriction on access to your account.

What it will do for you:

The person won’t see whether or not you’re online, whether or not you’ve read his posts.
Any comments he leaves will only be seen by him. You will also be able to see them if you click on “Show Comments”. You will also be able to delete these comments or make them public by clicking “Approve”.
You will no longer receive notification of that person’s comments.

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There are several ways to limit comments.

Method #1:

  • Go to the profile of the person you want.
  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Restrict Access.”

About #2:

  • Go to your Profile Settings.
  • Select “Privacy.”
  • Click “Restricted Contacts,” then “Continue.”
  • Find the account you want.
  • Click “Restrict access.” To unrestrict at this point, click “Unrestrict.

Method #3:

  • Open the post where the desired user left a comment.
  • Navigate to all comments.
  • Swipe the comment you want to the left (iPhone) or tap and hold it (Android).
  • Tap the exclamation mark icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Restrict Access.” Similarly, tap “Cancel Restriction” to cancel at this point.

Method #4:

  • Go into a chat room with the person you want.
  • Select the person’s name in the upper right corner of the chat room.
  • Click “Restrict Access.”

This method comes in handy if you’ve been texting with the person in Direct. After setting the restriction, the chat will be moved to correspondence requests. All new messages from that person will go to requests. Also, he will not see whether you read his messages or not. Here you will also be able to override the restriction.

Method #5:

  • Open the “Settings” of your account.
  • Select “Privacy,” then “Comments.”
  • Block comments from all users or from a specific person.

How to block your Instagram account

Important: Make sure you remember your username and password before blocking your account. Check the linked email and its password. Be sure to tether your Facebook account and check the username and password from it. You need all this so that you can restore your account without any problems later.

Are you sure you want to block? Then let’s get started:

  • Open the web version of Instagram. You can do this either on your computer or in the browser on your phone. You can’t block an account from within an app.
  • Go to your account, click “Edit Profile.”
  • Scroll down the page and click “Temporarily disable my account” in the lower right corner.
  • Select the reason for blocking.
  • Enter your password.
  • The blue “Temporarily disable my account” button will then become active. Click it.


What will your account look like once it’s locked? It won’t. No one will see it. Not at all. Temporary blocking procedure makes your account look like it was deleted, but you can restore it and do it instantly. Don’t worry, the content will not disappear from the account, everything will stay in place, but users will not have access to it. It will look quite plausible.

Don’t confuse a closed account with a temporarily blocked account. These are completely different things. A locked account is an active live account, with all of its content seen by approved subscribers. A locked account is not visible to anyone, not even the owner. Getting your account back is also simple: go to your profile through the usual form on the site.


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