AMP pages on VKontakte

Now AMP pages on VKontakte are available for all publishers and webmasters. The most popular social network in Russia announced its support for Accelerated Mobile Pages technology (accelerated pages for mobile devices).

This technology will be used for faster loading of materials from various sites that contain large images and bulky code. Even with the lowest internet speed, external publications will load and open on mobile devices almost instantly.

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Accelerated articles will be marked with a special icon – a lightning bolt, which will indicate that the publication from this site will load very quickly. Most of the major online media have already started using the new technology, their materials are being opened adapted for smartphones and tablets.

The creators of VK did not begin to develop a separate direction, but supported the already created standard for AMP pages. Statistics speaks about the usefulness of accelerated pages: about 50% of users refuse to wait if the page loads for more than 3 seconds and close it. Sites that start using accelerated pages will be able to get more reach and user engagement.

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To connect AMP for your site, follow the instructions link

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