Analog apps similar to Tik Tok in 2021

TikTok platform is a service for creating music videos. Videos and clips are shot and edited in the video editor. Despite the popularity of the program, there are applications similar to Tik Tok. The article will help you understand similar programs. Here we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the services.

What makes Tik Tok unique?

A feature of the platform is the ability to shoot small clips. The user needs to invest in 60 seconds. Use the built-in editing options to make your video stand out. They help make the video stand out from the rest.

similar to tik tok

This is where people show their individuality and get their first fans. Millions of people are registered on the software, so it is possible to quickly acquire an audience. The advantages of the application are a user-friendly interface, interesting design, and wide functionality. With minimal effort, everyone will promote the page and get the target audience.


Application structure:

  1. The recommendations section helps you find popular clips from around the world. Here are the top video clips that have received the most likes and comments.
  2. The subscription folder contains information about the users that the account is following. After authorization, the folder is empty. Then it is filled with accounts. The user finds new people and subscribes to them.
  3. The “Menu” line represents the main features of the program.
  4. The “House” icon takes the user to the main page of the application.
  5. To add a video to TikTok, click on the “+” button.
  6. The message icon allows you to communicate privately with anyone.
  7. The User Profile folder contains basic information about the account. It is easy to create a business card here, as well as customize the application for individual needs.
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The software was originally created for entertainment purposes. Over the course of time, it has developed into a serious social platform. Modern youth spend their time and communicate here. This is a great way to make new friends and acquaintances. These options are available to page owners:

  • filming videos according to a personal scenario;
  • adding a music track from the playlist or music database to the video;
  • special effects, filters and masks for decorating and decorating videos;
  • changes in a person’s appearance through a mask;
  • stickers and emoticons, as well as editing with third-party applications.

Programs similar to Tik Tok

There is a large selection of TikTok analogs in the Play Market or App Store. Most of them are free and available to everyone. Below is a summary of each of them.


Like is one of these program options. Here they create videos with various special effects. One of the advantages of the platform is the “additional reality” option. In addition, Likes is used as a video editor. The platform is designed so that account holders are aware of the events that take place in the world of the social network. Users participate in various challenges and contests, record videos and post them on the page.



The Kwai application is distributed in Asia. It is similar in functionality to Tik Tok. Allows you to shoot videos and publish them to your account. Lots of free filters, design techniques and built-in options set the social network apart from others.


Vigo vide

Vigo Vide utilities are identical to Tik-Tok. With the help of it, clips and various slide shows are made. The program is worthwhile to use. The user is prompted to follow some steps to get the result. Here you can cut elements from the clip, speed up or slow down the video, add filters or text texts. The advantage of the software is its wide musical base. In addition, the clip can be uploaded to Facebook or Instagram.

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Vigo Video


Pinterest is a well-known software that is used to find inspiration and find content. Users post a variety of media files on the page. The site is easy to use. Pictures are divided into categories. It is easy to find the required item through the “Search” system. In addition, there are comments and likes under each post.



4shared app has an option for online file storage. To find an item, refer to Search. View a clip or listen to a music track, perhaps with one click. It is not necessary to download files to your smartphone. Platform features:

  • musical base;4shared
  • use of images on the page;
  • convenient search system;
  • the ability to share files through other social networks.


Quik is downloaded from the Play Market or App Store. It is necessary to create a full-fledged video. Videos are imported from a GoPro camera and edited directly in the app. The options of acceleration or slowo, time-lapses or deceleration are available to users.


What is the best choice?

Select one of the programs depending on the use. For recording and sorting clips, TikTok, Kwai or Like are suitable. If you need to upload images, contact Interest. If you like to shoot video with a camera, then download the Quick utilities.

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