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A fresh study by Forbes and Brand Analytics prompted the analysis of the instument of this particular friend. They ranked celebrity mentions on social media, which includes Instagram. Yuri Dud found himself in a cozy company of show business stars, which, in addition to him, was diluted by Sobchak and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Here you can read more about the rating and the criteria for its formation.

Why is he? Because Dudya’s insta content is very different from what most bloggers post. He swims against the tide, promoting on Instagram not the most convenient and popular format on the social network – journalistic materials. Let’s see how he does it and what you can learn from him (especially to those who maintain media accounts).

Blogger portrait

Dud is a journalist to the core (this is a compliment, if that). Therefore, in his instagram you will not see selfies and posts from the “I ate” series. The blogger uses Instagram as a powerful PR tool for his main activity, unlike most of his colleagues from the Forbes top, who, through Instagram, allow fans to touch themselves, their loved ones. For example, Yegor Creed’s account is replete with photos from behind the scenes of concerts and selfies with fans. Dud has no such thing and is close. His account is more like a city media page on Instagram.


Its lion’s share is made up of journalistic materials: interviews, reports and news. The presentation is the same as on the YouTube channel – meaningful and biting. At the same time, “serious” content is periodically diluted with entertaining – backstages from the filming of reports or Dudya’s stand-ups.

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Video about how the video was filmed

Actually, this is the main difference between this account and the pages of different media on Instagram. Despite the general direction of the content, individuality is felt in it, even the charisma of one particular person – exactly what the audience loves. Post If only journalistic content, engagement would be lower. Whatever one may say, its main audience “lives” on YouTube.

Content formats

In this regard, Dud’s account is very different from most top bloggers. He does not record live broadcasts and (omagad, omagad) does not even publish stories and highlights. Only photos and videos, only hardcore.

Here is a rare exhibit – a millionaire blogger without stories

The texts of the posts are informative, their message is always clear, even if the blogger is just having fun. It can be seen that they are working closely and thoroughly on the content. There is not a single post in your account that would have been written off.

There is also advertising content, but it is not abused. Recently, the blogger has been advertising only his official merchandise from the vDud store.

Previously, there was a link to the store in the header of the account. Now she is gone – either the clothes from Dudy are being dismantled like hot cakes, or the idea has not justified itself. We can only look into the account, but not into the blogger’s pocket, so it remains to wang

As for the header, now it contains links to the most relevant, in the opinion of the blogger, materials. And not only his authorship – at the time of writing the review, there was a long special report from Novaya Gazeta on the environmental problems of Norilsk in the header.

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Dud is a very thoughtful comrade. The topics and texts of the posts are always conducive to active discussion. Branches for a couple of dozen, or even hundreds of responses under the comments are not at all uncommon. Not everyone is discussed in a positive way, but meaningfully, without much trash. Sometimes in the comments, active discussions flare up not on the topic of the post, but in media accounts this is the norm, and the blogger is only happy.

Almost a hundred comments on the topic “but before …”

In general, Dud’s activity is consistently high, which is not surprising. Videos easily gain more than a million views, comments fly in thousands, likes – hundreds of thousands. All of this refutes the stereotype that Instagram only likes to look at food, animals, and elastic sirloin points. Rather, it confirms the versatile interests of the main audience of the social network – people from 16 to 40 years old. They and beach photos willingly swim, and discuss the pressing problems of society. The activity of Dudya’s account proves that serious content is appreciated on Instagram (at least in its Russian segment).

The flash mob we deserve


In addition to the general objection to a media account, Insta Dudya has another bright feature – the hashtag # for @ be. He is present in many posts, acting as a hallmark of the blogger’s style: bold, sharp, cool.

The nature of the hinterland. Well, really, for @ bang

What can you learn from Dudya

If you are sawing serious, community-oriented content, try to keep it from looking like dull notes in the local newspaper. Dud sets an example of how you can hook the audience that comes to Instagram for food not only for the eyes, but also for the brains.

  • Relaxed communication style with subscribers. Write in a way that makes you easy to read.
  • Dilution of informational content with entertaining, which does not deviate from the theme of the account.
  • Use branded hashtags that reflect the direction of your content. You don’t need to bother with them, put them only where it is appropriate.
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And do not blindly copy Dudya, he already has a lot of imitators. Be individual, it is highly regarded on Instagram.

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