Arranging comments in the TikTok Tool

Cheating comments is an effective way to promote yourself in social networks. It works especially well in TikTok, where activities are less strictly monitored and there are no clear restrictions.

The competent use of comments allows you to get into recommendations even with zero organic activity, which means that it is a must for beginners. This type of promotion will be useful for already popular accounts. In this way, you will attract the attention of the audience to the content, keep your leadership positions.

The main thing is to choose an easy-to-use, reliable software that guarantees the final result. Today we are talking about the ToTop Tool program and its new function – cheat comments in TikTok.

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How to add comments in ToTop Tool

The functionality of the ToTop Tool software package has been supplemented with a new option – the arrangement of comments on the list of users.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you must first collect a list of users to whom comments will be sent. To do this, ToTop Tool provides for collecting an audience by hashtags and keywords, as well as collecting competitors’ subscribers.

Additionally, you can collect a list of users who need to be mentioned in the comments.

basic settings

Run the task and select the list of users to send comments on the left in the window.

In the Number of Profiles field, select the number of users (you can add the entire list or less).

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Next, in the “Number of comments for each profile” column, indicate how many comments will be sent to each user. You can set a random range, for example, from one to three. Or check the box “Select random media” – in this case, comments will be distributed randomly. Without it, the system will start commenting from the most recent media.

How to add comments to the list of users in TikTok

By default, the Use Basic Ignore option is enabled in the ToTop Tool. That is, if in the task the comments were not sent to all users, but, for example, 150, then the next time the task is installed on the same list, the first 150 users will be skipped on the ignore list. Comments will only be sent to the remaining users. You can not distribute lists, and also ignore users already subscribed to the promoted account.

How to add comments to the list of users in TikTok

Another useful tool is the “Filter” with a choice of criteria for selecting the TikTok audience. It is possible to configure the distribution of comments, taking into account the avatar, the presence of links, activity criteria and privacy settings. This allows you to more accurately select the target audience and achieve the maximum profit.

How to add comments to the list of users in TikTok

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In this section you need to add your comments – they will be used in the mailing list. You can check the box “Reuse comments”. So you tell the program that the same list of comments or part of it should be used in a loop, that is, they will go in a circle. However, it is better to use unique comments that do not resemble spam.

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How to add comments to the list of users in TikTok

By checking the “Do not distribute comments” box, you will prevent the list of comments from being distributed among the promoted accounts. Each profile for which a task is configured will use the comment list from the beginning. If the box is not checked, the list of comments will be evenly distributed among all promoted accounts, depending on the volume of actions.

How to add comments to the list of users in TikTok

Technical settings

The settings can be left as default. If several accounts work from the same IP address (or through the same mobile proxies), it is recommended to use the IP sync mode. In this case, actions on accounts working from the same address will not be performed simultaneously, but in turn. This will allow you not to lose the volume of completed tasks, avoid spam blocking and save money on proxies.

How to add comments to the list of users in TikTok


Arranging comments on the list of users is a simple and effective method of promoting in TikTok. However, for maximum results, it is important to publish quality content regularly. We also recommend using the entire set of ToTop Tool functions, including mass following and mass liking.

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