Attracting targeted traffic to the site

More visitors is better than fewer visitors. Therefore, sooner or later, before
the owners of the site are faced with the question of how to make the traffic to the site grow, but at the same time be targeted, convert well into applications and registrations (or better immediately into customers) and be as cheap as possible.

The purpose of this article is to review the main sources of traffic for website owners, webmasters and entrepreneurs in order to choose the most suitable one for their sales funnels… Further, for each type of traffic, we will make a separate material and a detailed analysis, with step-by-step instructions for launching.

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The main sources of attracting targeted traffic

Let’s start the review.

Referrals from search engines or SEO traffic… This is one of the highest quality types of traffic that may cost you nothing, except for the time spent creating quality content. With a widespread increase in competition and an increase in the cost of 1 click, SEO promotion becomes more and more relevant.

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contextual advertising (Yandex Direct, Google Adwords, Begun) – these types of traffic become more and more expensive every year and become less effective. has become an intrusive form of advertising that many users ignore, and some even install contextual ad blockers.

Social media targeting (Odnoklassniki, VKontakte) – this type of traffic extraction has been known for a long time and differs from contextual advertising in that it allows you to customize advertising not by keywords, but by geolocation, gender, age, interests, communities to which users are subscribed.

Teaser network – various sites where you can place your ad units, with non-trivial images and intriguing headlines, like “SHOCK-price” or something like that, as well as set the cost of a click for a transition to your site.

Banner advertising – also becomes less relevant due to such a phenomenon as “banner blindness”. People just ignore banners because their subconsciousness automatically hangs the label “advertising” on them, which means they “sell” something.

Email newsletter – Competently and correctly designed E-mail marketing continues to give good results. The main thing that should be emphasized when using this Internet marketing tool is auto-mailing, the essence of which is to launch various chains of letters depending on user behavior.

Types of social media traffic

Banner advertising

Advertising in the feed

Advertising with bloggers and in publics

Free and cheap traffic sources

Facebook / Instagram (in fact, this is the same platform) in terms of traffic generation are gaining popularity, and this is because there is still no great competition and there are many tools that allow you to optimize ads not for impressions and clicks, but for making conversions on the site or leaving contact details directly from the ad post. The stop factor here is the complexity of the setup.

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CPA or “affiliate programs”, when you pay only for a targeted action, for example, for registration, a confirmed order or for the fact of payment by a client. How does the interaction take place? You find a site that provides CPA services and are listed on it as an advertiser.

PUSH notifications You may have seen upon entering our site when we requested permission to send you notifications. And those who subscribe receive a small pop-up notification right on their desktop when new material appears.

Messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) – they also become relevant sources of attracting targeted traffic to the site or directly to your point of sale. To do this, you need to create your own public chat, add your old and new clients there, and constantly post news and notifications.

Native advertising – this is an advertisement that is shown in the news feed, by the way, it is relevant both for Facebook / Instagram and for VKontakte. The advantages include unobtrusiveness and ease of perception, as well as high involvement.

Massliking – when someone likes our avatar or post, we involuntarily have a desire to find out who gave me a like. On the page of a user from which likes are massively put in advance sparsenoy audience, post or link to the advertised site or group.

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