Automatic publication of site entries via RSS in the VK group

VKontakte announced the appearance of a new function: automatic publication to a group via an RSS feed. The functionality will be available to all business communities in the very near future.

Thanks to the innovation, there will be no need to publish a link to a new article or news manually every time, it will be enough to configure the import once. When setting up, you need to choose in what form the announcements of new materials will appear: a snippet and a link to a source, an article in VK or an article with a link.

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How to set up RSS import in a VKontakte group

Setting up the conversion of RSS feed articles to announcements on the community page doesn’t take much of your time. It is enough to add a link to your feed and choose the format for publishing links. Please note that you need to use only your RSS, and not take links to media channels or information portals.

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Step 1. Go to the community settings. Scroll down to the additional settings and in front of the “Import RSS” field, click on the line with the content “Disabled” to switch it to the “Enabled” state.

Step 2. We indicate the link to the feed of your site.

Link to the feed for the VKontakte group

Step 3. Choosing a publication format. There are 3 options:

  • link to article (selected by default) – an announcement is published containing an excerpt from the post text, a link to the materials and a snippet of the post;
  • VK article + link. When you select the item “Publish as an article” – the announcement is made in the form of an article: VKontakte takes information from the source and draws it up in the desired form itself: heading, text, pictures, etc. At the same time, the article will contain only part of the material and a link to the publication on the site;
  • article on VKontakte without link. If you check the box next to “Do not include a link in the record”, then the material will be published as an article with a cover without a link.

Here are some guidelines for creating an RSS feed:

  • the title of the article will be the title element;
  • an image from the img field or the first picture will be used as a cover for the article;
  • use figure and figcaption to display captions correctly.

Recall that recently VKontakte communities now have an action buttonand the service was also started VK Apps

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