Automation of targeted advertising with a new module from Promopult

A new tool has appeared in the PromoPult system – a targeted advertising module. Now you don’t need an SMM specialist or a targeting specialist to advertise your project on social networks. The work in the new module is automated, all stages are provided with recommendations and tips, and most importantly, the module works without extra charges and commissions.

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In attracting customers, you need to use all channels – SEO, contextual and targeted advertising. Two powerful tools have long been available in the Promopult system – a search engine promotion module (automation of a full SEO work cycle) and a contextual advertising module. Targeted advertising is another customer acquisition channel that any business needs.

Currently, the module is available for advertising on VKontakte (part of the formats), Odnoklassniki, the My World network, as well as in projects. Facebook and Instagram will be added soon.

Promopult does not take commissions or agency percent for work in the module, you only spend money on creating and running advertising campaigns.

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What you can do with the targeted advertising module

Set up precise targeting to your target audience

  • Geo targeting. Customize the display of ads for residents of a specific country, city or region. For more accurate targeting, you can select a point on the map with a radius of 0.5 to 10 km.
  • By demographic characteristics (gender and age).
  • By interest. Wide and long term. Long-term interests are based on data from the user’s profile, as well as take into account his long-term activity throughout the year.
  • By behavioral and social characteristics. For example, you can target your ads to married men with an upper middle income.
  • Given the birthday. You can set up displaying ads to people who have a birthday in the coming month.
  • Targeting by device and placements (placements). For example, you can only show ads to Xiaomi phone owners.

The system automatically selects recommendations for broad interests.

Automation of targeted advertising with a new module from Promopult
Targeting setup page

Automatically create ads

As in the contextual advertising module, ads are created here automatically. After setting up targeting, the system will generate several variants of ready-made ads (with title, text and image). You can use these ads or adjust slightly (for example, change the text).

If the options offered by the system do not suit you or you already have ready-made creatives – select “Create new” to create an ad from scratch.

Automation of targeted advertising with a new module from Promopult
This is how ads generated by the module look like

When creating or editing an ad, you can choose the format: an ad in the news feed, a display banner, or a teaser. A preview will show you what the selected format looks like:

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Automation of targeted advertising with a new module from Promopult
Three ad formats in MyTarget

Manage your budget manually or automatically

At the “Manage” step, the system analyzes the targeting settings and suggests setting a recommended budget. You can agree with the recommendation and set the budget at this level, or set it manually (set up a daily or monthly budget). The minimum level is 150 rubles per day (4500 rubles per month).

Note! Promopult does not charge any commission for using the module. You pay only for clicks or impressions (depending on the selected model).

Automation of targeted advertising with a new module from Promopult
When choosing a budget, the system shows how many people will be able to see your ad

Choose a payment model – for clicks or impressions. Here are the recommendations:

  • if you need targeted traffic and conversions, choose clicks;
  • If the goal of your ad is to increase brand awareness, choose impressions.

By default, the system sets up automatic bid management. This is suitable for those who have no experience in launching and running advertising campaigns. In automatic mode, the system itself determines the optimal bid value at which you will receive more clicks or impressions.

If you want to set bids yourself, choose manual control. When you specify the rate, you will see how much of the audience you can reach with the selected value.

Automation of targeted advertising with a new module from Promopult
Manual bids management – if you set too low a value, the system will warn you about a small audience reach

Upload your own audiences for the most accurate targeting

In the module, you can download a ready-made database of current customers or potential ones (numbers, email addresses or VKontakte account IDs – you can parse user IDs using the free PromoPult parser). With loaded audiences, there are two options:

  • You can configure ads to be shown only to people on the list.
  • On the contrary, exclude them from the display. For example, you run a campaign to attract new customers and offer a discount on your first order in your ad. To prevent ads from showing to regular customers, upload their phone numbers (or account IDs) and exclude them from impressions.
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Automation of targeted advertising with a new module from Promopult

Another free tool for collecting audiences is a parser for VKontakte communities. Find communities where your potential audience is located. Using the user parser, collect their account IDs and add targeted advertising to the module.

Track ad performance in real time

After launching an advertising campaign, the module interface displays statistics for each ad:

  • how much money was spent on displaying your ad;
  • coverage;
  • number of impressions;
  • number of clicks;
  • CTR (click-through rate of an ad) is an important metric for measuring effectiveness;
  • CPC (cost per click).
Automation of targeted advertising with a new module from Promopult
Statistics on ads on the “Manage” page in the targeted advertising module

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