Beautiful Tik Tok Tombos 2021: photos, fanfiction, hairstyles

Tomboi Tik Toka is a discussed topic among young people. Gender equality in typical modernity takes on a bright color thanks to the popularization of the K-pop movement.

Who are the Tombos in Tik Tok and in life?

Some people confuse TomBoy and K-pop, thinking that they are the same thing. In the TikTok space, you can find video clips with representatives of both trends. At first glance, there are no differences, but let’s look at who the Tombos are. Boy in Girl or in other words Famslash is not an external copying of a male image or wearing appropriate things, it is a state of mind. Translated from English means tomboy boy. In real life, this is the name for girls of predominantly adolescent age (12-20 years old) with a tough and stubborn character. A prominent representative is Yan Bessmertny or Liss, little is known about the blogger, except for the facts that are disclosed on the platform’s personal page.

Fanfiction about Tik Tok Tombos

In the vastness of the popular ficbook, there are fanfiction where real bloggers appear as the main characters. A selection of the most interesting:

  • tomboys is not a boys;
  • internet friends;
  • love can you buy?;
  • sweet poison of love.

The plot of all the stories is tied to romantic love, the platform is designed in such a way that the text can be read online or downloaded to a PC, this function is available to registered users. All stories are available for free reading, you can filter and sort by newness or rating.

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Popular Tik Tok Tombos of 2021beautiful tomboi tik tok

Tik Tok’s beautiful tomboys are popular among their audience not only for external data, but also for the semantic load in the videos. On the territory of Russia, the largest number of subscribers is at Jan Lis, Toshi and Sally Face. Many fans create fake pages of the guys and upload their videos there.

Photo of appearance and haircuts

The main attribute of a tomboy’s haircut is a long bang that can be styled and shaved whiskey. Outwardly, easy to confuse with guys.popular tik tok tombos

tik tok tomboy haircutspictures of tomboys from tik tok

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