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Noen Eubanks from TikTok is a famous video blogger who has become the new face of the advertising campaign for the Celine fashion brand. Tiktoker has earned its popularity with short clips on social media. In a short period of time, he collected a multi-million audience of subscribers of different ages. In our material, we will tell you what the blogger Noen Eubanks is like and how he became famous.

Biography of Noen of Tik Tok

The young man became famous in less than a year after the first innocent video joke on his older brother appeared on the network. The number of subscribers has passed the 9 million mark and is constantly growing.

photo of noena from tiktok 2

basic information

Ebanks’s date of birth is 2.05.2001. That is, his age is 18 years. Born under the constellation Taurus in Loganville, Georgia. His height is 1 m 78 cm. Noen weighs approximately 72 kg. He is not the only child in the family, there is also a younger sister and an older brother. In 2019 he graduated from high school and moved from his parents to Los Angeles, where he lives to this day. Loves to ride a skateboard.

photo of noena from tiktok 3

Tiktoker strikes his followers in a new way every time. Likes to change hairstyles and hair color. The most unexpected transformation was painting in a pink color unusual for men. The blogger dresses brightly, wears accessories with chains. Often shows a complete make-up. The guy meets misunderstanding of people, but often he is respected for his sincerity and spontaneity, that he is not afraid to express his inner “I”.

Social media celebrity

See Noen Eubanks on his official social media accounts under the nickname noeneubanks.

  1. TikTok – 9.6 million followers – of noena from tiktok 4

The application can be downloaded for free for iPhone and phones with Android and register by phone number. Here a guy sings songs with friends and a girl. Shows master classes on applying decorative cosmetics. Just fooling around.

  1. Instagram – 2.9 million fans –;photo of noena from tiktok 5
  2. Twitter – 235.9 thousand readers –;
  3. YouTube – 13.1 thousand subscribers –
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Although the first failure of the blogger began with YouTube, he makes long-term plans to conquer the video service.

Facts about Noen of Tik Tok

Many users are interested in learning more about the new idol of Generation Z Noen Eubanks. Here are some facts from his life.

  1. The guy did not immediately become popular. The usual jokes did not attract users very much and at first there were not so many subscribers. Everything changed at the beginning of 2019, when the guy decided to shoot a video, being himself, not cramping anyone. And the followers really liked it. After that, the young man moved to Los Angeles and spends 6 hours a day shooting new videos. He signed a contract with Kyra, they help him with ideas for new videos and cooperation of noena from tiktok 6
  2. Loves fashionable clothes with prints and bright looks. A year ago, no one would have met a guy in a translucent top with pink hair. Seeing the return of his idols and collecting all the confidence, Noen fully revealed himself. Nowadays the guy often goes out in crazy clothes, brightly painted makeup and crazy hair of noena from tiktok 7
  3. Created a new subculture. Previously, Noen Eubanks were credited with e-fights for black nails, T-shirts, skateboards, and black eyes. But when this style became toxic, it changed its image. I bleached my hair, changed my T-shirts for baggy sweaters in soft shades. Young people call this style softboy, but Noen himself called it flower boy. Below is a photo shoot that reveals the essence of this style.
  4. Experimenting with cosmetics. His TikTok profile has a lot of make-up clips. In the morning, he shows his followers how to paint and broadcasts about his plans. He, following the example of singer Billie Eilish, loves to dye the roots in bright neon colors, and the rest of the hair in more contrasting, but muted shades. For many young people, he has already become a beauty icon. Eubanks plans to launch his own cosmetics of noena from tiktok 8
  5. Life saw his merch. Shortly after Noen Eubanks became the new face of Celine, he launched his clothing line called Not Noen, which included sweatpants, shorts and of noena from tiktok 9
  6. Noen’s show on YouTube is expected. After signing a contract with Kyra TV content studio, they began to think about a script for a new You Tube show, a series and other possible options for interacting with Gen Z.
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Personal life

Often users thought that Noen Eubanks was gay, since the guy was often seen in public with his best friend Chase, and they have rather warm displays of feelings, such as hugs. You can find many photos of them together on the American boys board on Pinterest. You can download them as wallpaper for your iPhone or Android.

photo of noena from tiktok 10

There is also a general wallpaper of the Boyce company “Peyton, Anthony, Noen, Chase in 2021”, where the blogger has a less dramatic haircut with white hair.

photo of noena from tiktok 11

photo of noena from tiktok 12

But Noen’s theory of alleged homosexuality recently ran out of steam, as it became known that the young man is dating a girl who is often featured in his TikTok videos. Her name is Abby. Last name Roberts. Also a very popular video blogger on the platform. They found each other, so both love to experiment with cosmetics.

photo of noena from tiktok 13

Photo of Noena from Tik Tok 14photo of noena from tiktok 16

How did it become popular

Noen Eubanks originally planned to conquer YouTube. But he failed – no one watched the videos. In 2018, I signed up for the Tik Tok app and shot a short video to play a trick on my brother. At first, the clip was not available for viewing by other users, but the guy eventually opened access to it and remembered about it only a month later. And what was his surprise when he saw 100 views. Then Noen decided to try himself in this environment. And he succeeded. In less than a year, he gained more than 8 million subscribers.

Beautiful photos of Noen from Tik Tok

A series of black and white portraits of Noen Eubanks by Celine Creative Director Eddie Slimane, where you can see the guy’s tight abs:

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photo of noena from teak tok 17

photo of noena from tiktok 18

Filming manifesto from photographer and director Amir Hussein (pseudonym Blacklsocks), showing who the flower boys are:

photo of noena from teak tok 19

photo of noena from teak tok 20

And just a few beautiful shots with different shades of hair:

photo of noena from tiktok 21

photo of noena from teak tok 22

And here is Noen with his grandmother:

photo of noena from tiktok 23

How much does Noen Eubanks make

The number of subscribers of the young tiktoker is growing by the minute. Below is a graph of the growth in subscriptions, likes and income. The last time interval from January 30 to February 10, 2021 is displayed. The most profitable day was February 8th. On this day, 50.4 thousand people subscribed to Noen, over 2.9 million likes were delivered and $ 14,524 was earned.

photo noena from tiktok 24

In this article, we have revealed some of the details of Noen Eubanks life:

  • facts from the biography;
  • with whom he meets;
  • how it became popular;
  • how much he earns.

We hope you are interested in such a versatile personality.


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