Blogger advertising on Instagram: choosing the best one


Blogger advertising on Instagram is usually used as part of influencer marketing. Users are more willing to buy products recommended by a blogger who is not a celebrity. He inspires more trust.

If you have decided to approach the choice of Influencer thoroughly, while wanting to save time and money, use advertising exchanges.

Why do you need an advertising exchange if you can cooperate directly?

Advertising exchange in Instagram is a special service that brings together advertisers and owners of accounts in social networks. This is a kind of intermediary, which takes a commission of 10-30% of the transaction for its services. Consider this fact when formulating your budget.

The main function of each site of this type is to collect a wide base of bloggers, as well as creating the most convenient conditions for ordering. Hence the advantages of exchangers:

  • they save time and effort to find a performer due to the ready, regularly updated list of bloggers;
  • allow you to filter potential performers by geography, price, gender, age, and other criteria;
  • provide access to full page statistics, which allows you to accurately predict the result;
  • guarantee the safety of funds, because the payment a blogger will receive only after all the conditions agreed upon.


The best advertising exchanges in Instagram

When choosing a service, be sure to pay attention to the provision of access to advanced statistics. It is desirable to have all the data on views and conversions, including information on the likely percentage of bots, spam. Give preference to exchangers advertising with the largest possible base. Quick online support and an intuitive interface are also of great importance.

When promoting in one city, pay attention to the geo of most of the audience. In this case it is advisable not to look for big bloggers with disconnected subscribers, and small – with the best hits on the geo.

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This is an Instagram storis exchange. More than 39 thousand active bloggers are registered in the system, and their number is increasing every day.

For bloggers it is an opportunity to monetize their posts, and for advertisers to get a guarantor for placement in the face of the exchange.

The system has a convenient filter system, which allows you to choose bloggers, taking into account the region, coverage, cost, topics and other additional parameters. For every blogger you can look through additional information: audience, examples of placements, number of storis posted, etc.


This is a powerful tool for quick launch advertising, your database includes 85,000 communities in Instagram, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte. All financial transactions take place in due time, only after the blogger publishes an advertising post.

Thanks to the clear algorithm, you will save a lot of time and get a wide range of reports on each action.

The advantages:

  • a good database;
  • a quality system of analytics;
  • prompt feedback;
  • detailed reporting after the deal is done.


  • dispersion into other functions and social networks;
  • The amount of commission is unknown, because it is already included in the cost of advertising.


Advertising platform began its work four years ago and at the moment it is considered the only official content exchange for Instagram.

Here you can order the usual boosting and promotion from Influencers, using direct or native mechanisms to influence the audience. Service Adstamer shows the final result in the form of detailed statistics. The exchange charges a 15% commission on each successful collaboration.


  • elaborate interface;
  • Access to the statistics of each potential performer (the number of subscribers, the number of likes, number and dynamics of
  • comments);
  • provision of discounts;
  • possibility of automatic advertising publications;
  • providing detailed final reports.
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The exchange has been on the market for more than six years and works with a large number of social networks: Instagram, VKontakte, Twitter, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Google+, YouTube. The commission of the service is 15%.


  • the presence of an affiliate program;
  • a large number of successful transactions;
  • almost all the top bloggers are posted here;
  • strict page moderation;
  • access to statistics of potential performers;
  • reporting information on the results of cooperation.


  • lack of narrow specialization;
  • In reviews, many users complain about the slow technical support.


The exchange has been helping brands broadcast marketing activities through opinion leaders for three years. For customers it offers free access to pages from Instagram and other social networks that are willing to host other people’s ads.

Epicstars is distinguished by the presence of reliable protection against deception, high-quality analytical algorithms and a convenient mechanism for conducting transactions.


  • budget prediction;
  • the commission (10%) is deducted from the performer;
  • access to detailed blogger statistics;
  • a powerful system of analytics after the end of cooperation.


  • The administration can accept deals for the advertiser if he does not check the completed assignment within five days.



This service allows customers to fully automate marketing campaigns of any scale with detailed statistics for each placement.

In addition to automation and quality performance audits, Socialjet is known for its wide reach. Advertising campaigns carried out on the site can be compared to placements in the largest media outlets. The commission of the service is 20%, but it is deducted from the performer.


  • always in touch with your personal manager;
  • daily advertising coverage – 27 thousand users;
  • detailed reports on each campaign;
  • a wide choice of work models with payment for placement, views, clicks;
  • access to blogger statistics;
  • improved transaction security.
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  • The service works with a limited number of payment systems.


Emerged in 2015, the intermediary between bloggers in Instagram and advertisers has already become popular due to the ease of use and sophisticated algorithm of actions.

Using Dealway makes it easy to find pages of certain topics and sort them by the number of participants, price. When ordering ads you can connect both daily and hourly statistics for maximum control over the effectiveness. Payment is deducted only after the ordered post, otherwise the money is returned to your balance.


  • intuitive interface;
  • safety of funds;
  • possibility to connect hourly statistics;
  • strict moderation of bloggers;
  • fast operative communication.


  • inflated cost of advertising;
  • minimum number of filters for finding a suitable blogger;
  • after 36-48 days the blogger has the right to remove the advertising publication.


This social-commercial system, which specializes exclusively in Instagram, calls itself a representative of the new generation of advertising services. The service differs from its counterparts by the fact that here bloggers are forbidden to indicate the price for adding advertising content – the site calculates the cost independently, taking into account the actual indicators of the page. You are insured against overpayment for scams and bots.

The advertiser has access to control the performance of the task, the decision to pay the customer takes care of itself.


  • narrow specialization of the service;
  • automatic calculation of the recommended price for your conditions;
  • powerful targeting by geography, interests and profile parameters;
  • a lot of filters for potential performers;
  • full control over the order fulfillment.


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We recommend that you test a few Instagram ads from today’s review to choose the best option for you!

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