Bloggers in Yandex.Zen will be able to make money on product widgets in articles

Zen bloggers can now make money not only on ads, but also on widgets with products. Yandex.Market and Beru marketplace will become partners of the new program at the first stage.

Previously, bloggers could insert commercial widgets into articles only after concluding a separate agreement with the marketplace. Now you can select the desired product for the widget right in the Zen editor.

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Product widgets in Yandex.Zen – what it is and how it works

For the first time, the participants of the Nirvana program, as well as those who participated in the testing, will be able to add widgets to articles. Later, widgets will become available to all channels with connected monetization. Also, in the future, it will be possible to track income from widgets in the channel statistics, where the “Affiliate Programs” tab will appear.

The widget is part of the post. It should fit and complement the topic. The number of widgets in one publication is not limited, but it is recommended to follow the logic of the overview and the rules for using widgets.

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In this case, the content of the widget must correspond to the topic of the publication and complement it. For example, in an article about homemade bread recipes, a blogger can talk about his bread maker and place a corresponding product widget.

Yandex.Market will pay bloggers for user clicks to online stores and clicks on their phone numbers, and Beru will pay for orders that users place after switching from Zen bloggers’ articles. While social commerce is only possible in articles, in the future it will be possible to add widgets to videos as well.

Viktor Lamburt, Chief Operating Officer, Yandex.Dzen:

“In Zen, about 10% of publications are related to goods. We want to give our bloggers the opportunity to earn extra money from useful and expert content. In turn, Zen users will find it easier to select and purchase the desired product if they read an interesting and high-quality review on it. We are confident that the development of social commerce will also attract new people to Zen with expertise in different fields, even if they have not blogged before. “

About 600 Zen bloggers have already tested their work with Yandex.Market widgets. In two months, they published 17,000 articles with widgets, which gained more than 180 million views.

Previously, Zen turned off the ability to create narratives, and also began to place ads in videos.

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