Boost subscribers to the VK group – 5 best programs

Followers are the main indicator of a group’s popularity. You can publish dozens of posts, invite friends and acquaintances to subscribe to updates. There is an easier and faster way to attract users – cheat subscribers to the VK group. The administration of the social network treats this negatively, and in case of revealing an egregious fact of cheating, instantly blocks the community. Therefore, if you want to successfully attract live audiences to your group and avoid blocking at the same time, familiarize yourself with the basic principles and methods.

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Auto promotion on Instagram without blocks

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Cheat subscribers to the VK group

Cheat is attracting a huge number of participants in the shortest possible time. At the same time, you should not limit yourself to cheating, publish content daily, order ads from bloggers, run contests and launch ads. The result is a high-quality and fast-growing group.

Most often, cheating is used for groups or publics, from which they want to create an additional source of income through advertising, and for such communities, quantitative indicators are in one of the first places.

Wrap methods

There are many methods. The difficulty is that only a couple of options work effectively, the rest is a waste of time and money.

Free services.

You complete tasks, in return for receiving points to increase the number of community members, likes, reposts. Mostly they are bots. There is another principle – you add to someone in the community, in return this person goes to you.

Free services (bosslike, ad-social and others) make it worse. Mutual subscription takes your time. After a couple of hours, sometimes days, people will simply leave your page. The administration of the social network has long learned to find and block cheat groups on free services.


You are offering a valuable prize for action. In return, you get people from whom there will be no benefit. There can be 100-200 thousand participants, and 10-20 likes on posts. No advertiser wants to partner with a dead community. Also, people leave quickly after winning the prize.

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How to make a VK contest correctly?

Targeted advertising.

It is important to correctly indicate the set of criteria by which users will be selected: age, gender, country, city, hobbies. After launching a company, text, display, or multimedia ads will be displayed on the social network.

A huge plus is the ability to independently adjust the CPC. Just remember that competitors can quote a lot more, so your ad will appear less often. If you set up a company correctly, indicate the optimal CPC, it is possible to quickly gain the required number of subscribers.

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The easiest and free way. We went in once a day, sent invitations and are waiting for the next day. You don’t need to do anything special, especially since it’s completely free.

IMPORTANT! This is the most time consuming method. Only 50 invitations can be sent per day. In theory, up to 350 people can be attracted per week. In practice, at best, only a fraction of people will visit the page, at worst, they will ignore you.


They help automate the process of attracting people. It is enough to download and configure the software. You do not have to manually send invitations, the program will do everything for you. Just do not use free programs that are open to the VK administration. For their use, the group will be quickly blocked, sometimes the owner’s page is blocked along with it. Use only high-quality paid software that allows you to wind up participants, while maintaining a positive image in the eyes of the administration.

The last method is the most effective. With the right approach, you can quickly wind up group members. At the same time, VK cannot even find fault with you, because you attract extremely interested people.

16 powerful services for an SMM specialist

Programs for cheating subscribers on VKontakte

1. Doctorsmm

If you do not have time and desire to promote the group yourself, you can use this site for promotion in VK – On it you can buy live subscribers to the group, likes, views and reposts are very cheap. To order, you do not need to transfer data from the VK page, register and complete tasks.

2. BossLike

Ideal service for cheating subscribers to a group or public Vkontakte. In order to use the service you need to register. Next, you will need in-system points. They can be earned by completing various tasks for subscribing to channels and watching videos of other users.

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An easier way is to buy points. Then you need to create a cheat job. To do this, you need to enter a link to your group and indicate the desired number of subscribers.

Programs for boosting YouTube subscribers

This service does not require any personal data from its users. There is a possibility of both paid and free promotion of the group.

3. Mrpopular

An online service that allows you to promote pages on social networks, including winding up subscribers and other indicators in VK. A distinctive feature is the support of a huge number of resources: from YouTube and Instagram to Tik-Tok and Telegram.

MRPOPULAR - an online service for cheating subscribers on Insta

In MRPOPULAR you can buy both bots and offers, as well as live people. The cost of one subscriber is from 0.2 rubles. To start a promotion, you must specify a link to your group in VK, the number of followers, and then top up your account. This can be done using a bank card, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi and even cryptocurrency.

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4. VkTarget

Cheating subscribers in all social networks is suitable. The site has a pleasant and intuitive interface. Here you can not only win subscribers, but also get constant support of the channel with views, which is convenient for those who need long-term promotion. Also, VkTarget allows you to increase the number of all indicators so as not to arouse suspicion in VKontakte.

VkTarget program

5. ViKing Botovod.

Professional software for working with a social network. The cost is 3,200 rubles. In addition to the automated sending of customizable private messages, sharing likes and “I like” on the addresses you specify, there are special features. For example, “Chatterbox”. He can communicate with users for a long time. The company conducted an experiment, the results are impressive: about 550 messages, no one even knew that it was artificial intelligence. In conversations, the “chatterbox” may mention a link to your site.

Viking Botovod


One of the most popular programs is It allows you to constantly engage your target audience. Cost – 2200 rubles for a month of use. You must download the Google Chrome browser extension. Run the application, click “Register” inside it. You will see instructions on which you need to continue working. After payment, you will instantly receive a full instruction and pin-code to your email address.

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  • the ability to view members who have recently joined your pre-selected communities;
  • automatic processing of up to 1,200 clients per day;
  • you can work simultaneously from multiple accounts.

The program can like photos of members of selected groups of up to 1200 people, add up to 200 users as friends from 5 accounts.


BOTSAPP – promotion of a profile, community and services in VK. The cost is 990 rubles per month. It is possible to automatically send an offer to join the group from your profile or on behalf of the group by personal messages, walls and comments. You can clear the community of blocked people. The client can customize the selection by age, gender, interests and other parameters.


The cost is 590 rubles per month. Automates the process of mass liking and adding to friends. Allows you to work with 100 accounts. Customizable mailing of messages by comments under the photo and video. You can use a proxy server. It is possible to purchase a subscription immediately for 3 months for 1,590 rubles and for 6 months for 2,890 rubles.

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Principle of operation

Programs are different in terms of additional features, functions, cost. At the same time, the principle of operation is the same for everyone. The work is structured as follows:

  1. Configure audience collection parameters. You can select communities yourself, the participants of which will be automatically sent invitations.
  2. Choosing the type of audience. Allows you to adjust age, gender, interests, find similar user groups. If you are selling a product or service, set up the country and city of the potential audience.
  3. The software puts likes on photos from a fake account.
  4. After 2-3 days, the program sends a friend request.
  5. Welcome message. If the user has accepted the application, they will be sent an automatic welcome message.
  6. A few days later, an invitation to the group is sent. ViKing Botovod can communicate with a person by inserting links to a website or page.

As a result, 5 accounts can attract about 1,000 (most likely more) live subscribers in just 30 days in a short period of time. Yes, compared to cheating followers on Instagram the result is small, but this is the easiest way to fill the VK community with active users and, unlike free extensions, you will not be blocked by the administration. It remains only to choose a program and monitor the increase in the activity of your page.

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