Bot for VK: how to make a chat bot for conversation or activity in a group

Chatbot VKontakte is one of the tools for communicating with subscribers. It is a program that responds to messages from users according to a given algorithm. The subscriber writes to the chat of the community or public page, and in response he receives a pre-prepared message.

Chatbot with recipe database

Chatbots will help optimize the routine work of an SMM specialist. You do not have to constantly be in touch and track new messages in the community – the program will do it for you. The chatbot will answer the standard questions of subscribers – about the price, delivery methods and payment options, – will tell you about current promotions and discounts, and help to calculate the cost of services. You can devote the saved time to more important matters – for example, creating content or negotiating cooperation with bloggers.

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Types of bots

Chatbots can be classified by type and purpose. According to the first criterion, two types of programs are distinguished – primitive and advanced.

Primitive chatbots respond to messages that contain a code word. If the user enters the original message – not according to the proposed template – the program will not answer him or will inform him that he did not understand the command.

Types of bots

Advanced chatbots understand any user requests and try to give a relevant answer to them. You do not have to search for words in the hope of formulating a request – the program with artificial intelligence will understand the user in any case.

Advanced chatbots understand not only text, but also voice commands. They are constantly learning, replenishing the collection of knowledge from dialogues with users.

A primitive chatbot can be created for free without any special knowledge and experience. Creating an advanced chatbot is a complex process that requires the participation of programmers.

There is another classification of chat bots – by the type of target. Four types of programs can be distinguished here:

  1. Assistants. Chatbots of this type will find the information you need – for example, the weather forecast in a nearby city – will help you order food to the office or find the cheapest air ticket. Only generic messages are understood.
  2. Artificial Intelligence. Those very advanced chat bots. They can be trained in anything – to close clients for a deal, to look for the user with the necessary information, etc.
  3. Business bots. A useful tool for business communities. In such a chat bot, you can “sew” a mailing list with a chain of letters to invite people to a webinar or a marathon, an autoresponder with a notification when users take any action in the community.
  4. Gaming. With this chatbot you can play the gallows, roulette or any other simple game. Such programs easily imitate human actions, as they are based on artificial intelligence.

A chatbot should be created only when you have defined your goals. If you need an assistant bot that will warm up leads or bring them to a deal for you, contact our specialists. You can make a simple chat bot – for sending messages, increasing group activity or boosting subscribers – by yourself.

How to create a VKontakte chat bot for messages

A simple bot that will respond to messages from subscribers can be made on your own. I’ll show you how to do this using the service as an example. Is a shareware service for creating VK chat bots. If the public has up to 50,000 subscribers, you can create a bot for free. Owners of communities with a larger audience will have to buy a paid subscription – from 399 to 999 rubles per month. The more expensive the subscription, the more options the chatbot will have. For example, a premium subscription for 999 rubles allows you to create a bot with plugins for payment, sending random photos and videos, distributing coupons, etc.

To create a chatbot in, go to the service website and log in. Use your VKontakte profile data or go through the standard registration with an email.

How to create a VKontakte chat bot for messages

After logging in, connect the community for which you want to create a chatbot. Click on the “Connect bot” button.

Connect bot

The service will show a list of communities in which you have leader rights. Select a public in the list and click on the “Connect” button.

The service will ask for access to community management. Click on the “Allow” button.

Allow access

The service will send a message containing instructions for setting up. Check it out and start setting up a chatbot.

Configuring a chat bot

After connecting the community, the service will offer to customize your own chatbot template. Try to create it from scratch or use ready-made templates. Click on the “Templates” tab and see examples.


Each template has a mini-description, with which you can easily choose the right bot for your public. Click on the “Preview” button to see an example of how the chatbot works.

How does a chat bot work in VK

The service will redirect you to the VKontakte community where such a bot is configured. Just post to the community posts to see how the program works.

The selected template is displayed in the panel. You just need to configure the bot.

Creating a chat bot in VK

Click on the template and select what and how the bot should respond.

Bot reactions

For each reaction, write the text of the message.

Reaction texts

Remember to save your reactions. When the template is ready, connect the bot to the community by clicking on the “Connect group” button.

Connect group

After connecting the community, check how the chatbot works. Write any message to the community and see what the bot answers you.

how the chatbot works

Remember that such a chatbot will only reply to messages from subscribers. You will need to find a way to get people to post to public posts. Tell in a post that a chatbot has appeared in your community that will help you place an order or find the cheapest ticket, give a link to useful material or tell interesting news. Post an instructional post to the wall, or periodically remind subscribers of a new feature in the community.

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How to make a VKontakte bot for group activity

You can create a bot to increase activity in a group without leaving VKontakte. Go to the community you are leading, click on the “Management” section, find “Applications” in the community settings.

How to make a VKontakte bot for group activity

Find “Smart Bot Constructor” in the list of applications and add it to the community by clicking on the “Add” button.

Once added, the application will appear in the list. Click on it to go to setting.

The application will request access to the community, and then a window will open in which you can configure the bot.

How to set up a bot for community activities

Edit the responses to standard messages – “Hello”, “Thank you” and “Bye” – or create a new one by clicking on the “Add” button.

Customizing bot responses

The bot’s response can be configured to match the exact or similar phrase in the subscriber’s message. Add some conditions and select a match type.

Next, enter the text of the bot message.

Bot message text

You can wait for the subscriber’s response or add another message to the chain, which the bot will send at a certain interval. Click on the “Add Step” button and select an action for the chatbot.

Bot action in VK

You can set a timer between messages, send another message using the bot with a vote, a link to a post, pictures or video.

VK bot constructor

If you want to change the sequence of steps of the chatbot, just move the block with the answer to the desired place by holding down the icon with the grid.

Save the chain by clicking on the “Save” button. Be sure to check how the chatbot will behave – write to the community messages and look at the responses.

After setting up the chatbot, be sure to tell your subscribers about the new feature. Try to make the autoresponder useful to your users, not just for the sake of a tick.

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Bots for cheating subscribers and sending invitations

Sometimes the owners of VKontakte publics make a mass mailing of messages with an appeal to join the community. Or wind subscribers to the group using mass invitations. This is an effective, but not entirely legal method of promotion. For such activity, you can get a ban from the administration of the social network. In order not to lose your account, register a fake page for sending messages.

Unfortunately, now it is impossible to create a fake account without specifying a phone number. To confirm registration, you will have to send a free message with a secret code. Thus, the VKontakte administration is trying to fight spammers.

Bots for cheating subscribers and sending invitations

There are sites where you can buy a fake account with friends. The cost depends on the age of the profile and the number of friends – from 150 to 300 rubles. You can also use such a tool to cheat subscribers to the community, but it’s not a fact that after transferring money you will receive a username and password from your account.

Buying a ready-made VK account

In order not to waste your money, it is better to buy a new SIM card, register an account for it, fill out the profile at least and start sending messages. It is advisable to post 5-10 posts on the wall at regular intervals – for example, after 1-2 days – so that users of social networks get the impression that they are a real person, not a bot.

Creating a fake account

Try not to send an invitation to the group in the first message – for this you will quickly get a ban from the administration due to user complaints. Say hello, say something original, and then send a message with a standard invitation to the group.

Promotion with fake accounts takes time. It is better to use white methods of attracting subscribers to the group – crops and targeted advertising– than send out invitations and wait for the page to be banned.

VK bots are a great tool that will help you take off some of the routine. Use them correctly to increase the activity and audience size in the community without snatching a ban from the VKontakte administration.

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