Brand Collabs Manager Facebook – what is the service and how to use it

Brand Collabs Manager is a Facebook service where advertisers can find groups and bloggers to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Bloggers and administrators can receive orders through the Brand Collabs Manager, respond to advertisers’ requests, and monetize their social media pages.

The article described what kind of service it is, its capabilities for advertisers, how to use it for promotion.

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Brand Collabs Manager – Key Features

What you can do in the free service:

  • place advertisements on bloggers’ pages and in public groups;
  • select bloggers by parameters: GEO, gender, age, interests;
  • search authors by hashtag, keyword or name;
  • select authors by number of subscribers, page type and level of engagement;
  • set your audience in the project settings and select authors whose audience coincides with it;
  • view the portfolio of authors before starting cooperation;
  • create and manage author lists;
  • track statistics.

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How to work in Brand Collabs Manager: registration and overview of your personal account

An advertiser can register with the service in two ways:

  1. Go to the official Brand Collabs Manager page and click on the “Apply as an advertiser” button. Bloggers and admins submit their applications here.
  2. Use the direct application form.
    Registration in Brand Collabs Manager

We select our page from the list, indicate the email address, accept the user agreement and click on the “Submit” button. You will have to wait a few hours (or more) before the page is checked for compliance with Facebook and Instagram requirements and access to your personal account is opened.

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PS Authors and group admins should also wait for the content on their pages and groups to be checked. Requirements for the group: a minimum of 1,000 members and open access.

Overview of the main sections


Author in trend… The author selected by Facebook algorithms is displayed first on the main page. You can immediately see the author’s feed, his portfolio (launched projects), the number of subscribers and the level of their involvement. A blogger can be added to a list created in advance, to a project, or immediately send a message with an offer of cooperation.

Recent Branded Content Posts… This section will display fresh sponsored posts. Immediately after registration is not filled with data, so the system will continue to first find authors or groups for advertising.

Messages… The section displays correspondence with authors and group administrators.

Project descriptions… Information about active and completed projects launched through the service.

Recommended Authors + Recommended Instagram Authors… Sections in which the system itself selects bloggers and groups that fit the criteria of your target audience.

Recommended Authors + Recommended Instagram Authors


Search section for authors and groups. Search is available by GEO, gender, age, interests, portfolio type (author / famous person, group admin or media publisher) and audience. You can also search for authors by name, keyword, and hashtag.

Find bloggers to advertise on Instagram

Important: If you cannot find a specific blogger, it means that he did not apply for registration with Brand Collabs Manager (or it was not approved).

If you click on the author / group card, detailed information will open:

  • description of the author / group page;
  • the number of followers and the level of their involvement in the content;
  • link to a page on the FB or website;
  • previous partners of the author – that is, with whom the author worked before you;
  • initial prices for posting photos, videos or stories;
  • publications – author’s feed, here you can choose to view branded content or view all posts;
  • demographic data of the audience: their location, age, gender.
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Information about the author or group

Right in the card, you can add the author to the list (for example, to Favorites), invite to the created project, contact him by e-mail or via Facebook Messenger. In the form of the letter, you must indicate your email address, text of the letter and recipients.

How to contact a blogger to advertise

The second option for contacting the author is to go to his page and contact the specified contacts or via Facebook Messenger.

PS At the time of this writing, there is no way to pay for advertising placement in Brand Collabs Manager – you need to directly negotiate with the blogger or group administrator about the methods and terms of payment.

Building a project from scratch

In Brand Collabs Manager, you can post a project with a description of advertising conditions and accept applications from interested authors and admins. Click on the “Create project description” button and fill in the data.

Creating a project from scratch in Brand Collabs Manager

In the project card, you need to indicate your address, the publication deadline for the material, the amount of the fee, the type of publication, the description of the task, the sample publications, so that it would be easier for the author to prepare the material (link to previous advertising publications of the brand). You also need to set up the author search settings: by portfolio type, age group, gender, topic, post type, location. To the right of the project description, the number of authors matching the criteria will be displayed.

Project card

Authors will be able to send their response to the posted project.


The following data are available in the statistics for each advertising publication:

  • date of publication;
  • coverage;
  • level of involvement;
  • publication status;

There is a filter by date, author, site (Facebook or Instagram). You can filter statistics for active publications.

Other sections of Brand Collabs Manager:

  • Inbox: This is where correspondence with authors and group administrators is stored.
  • Author Lists: The author lists you created are displayed here.
  • Projects: Here is a list with descriptions of active and completed projects.
  • Past partners: List of partners you have already worked with.
  • Publishing tools: This is the section for branded posts where you are tagged as a sponsor + tagging requests to your content.
  • Settings: The section is needed to link your Instagram account and limit FB pages that can tag you in branded posts.
  • Audience match: This section allows you to find authors whose audience is similar to yours. Authors are divided into categories: similar to previous partners, new authors in the service, authors gaining popularity.
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Pros and cons of Brand Collabs Manager


  • convenient search for bloggers and admins;
  • detailed card with information about the author or group;
  • the ability to use the posted publication for targeted advertising;
  • the function of selecting authors with an audience similar to yours through the “Match Audience” section.


  • the directory contains authors and group admins who have applied for being added to the service and have received approval, respectively, there may not be authors who match your criteria;
  • the criteria for selecting authors are not clear (so far only the criterion for group admins is known);
  • while Brand Collabs Manager cannot be used to pay with content creators – in fact, it’s just a catalog with filters. But the emergence of the opportunity for authors to indicate the price of advertising placement suggests that it is possible that the payment itself will be launched in the service;
  • in fact, no one controls the actual placement of the material and its quality;
  • the service is poorly promoted by Facebook.


Despite the fact that Brand Collabs Manager has been around for over a year, it cannot be called a serious competitor for services like Epicstars, GetBlogger, TrendHero and Storiesgain, at least for now. Little is said about the service, many bloggers and advertisers simply do not know about it.

Perhaps, in 2021, Brand Collabs Manager will begin to actively promote and add more functions to it, because as we said in the article about SMM trends 2021, social networks are trying to take control of the bloggers’ advertising market.

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