Branded content on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most promising platforms for business promotion. Many brands interact with bloggers and use native ads. Branded Instagram posts are sponsored posts. They contain the details of the partner who paid for the post.

These posts are highlighted in the public feed and give account owners and business partners a chance to share publication statistics. The market becomes transparent, each of the parties can evaluate the interaction of the audience with the publication.

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This function allows you to officially engage in advertising, the relationship between the owner and the partner is spelled out in the rules of the social network. Only business accounts can be sponsors, any bloggers can be partners.

Sponsored publications appeared in Russia at the end of August 2017. The main function is to increase loyalty to the company, develop a personal brand.

Examples of branded content

Many international and Russian brands use stars in their advertising. They try to find the most relevant celebrities to their offer.

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How to allow branded content

First, you need to click on the three dots in the upper right corner. Go to settings. Then go to Brand Content Approval.

How to allow branded content

For users to be able to mark you in publications, you need to enable this option – usually the button is blue. You will be notified of all publications in which you have been tagged as a sponsor. Of course, only if you approve the post. You can also reject a post if the blogger has not met the conditions for the posting format.

Also in this section there are “approved accounts”. You can add accounts of bloggers you trust. They will receive notifications of partnerships and will be able to tag in their posts without further approval.

You need to enter the nickname of the account in the search and select them in the list. Check those you give permanent access to.

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How to tag a brand

You can mark sponsors in a regular publication and in a story.

The algorithm is as follows:

1. Post a post: choose a photo, write a text, put hashtags.

2. Then click on “Advanced Settings”, at the very bottom in gray letters.
How to tag a brand

3. Select “Mark Business Partner”.

4. Select the nickname of the company you want to tag

In Stories, the algorithm is the same:

1. Post a story as you usually do.

2. In the upper corner, select the link icon.

3. Select “Mark business partner”

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4. Select the company name.

If you can’t choose the company that you need, write to the partners and ask them to add you to “approved accounts”. Then you can add them to your posts without any problems.

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