Byte Will Pay $ 250,000 to Best Video Creators

Byte, the 6-second video app that replaced Vine in January this year, is launching an affiliate program that will pay the 100 most creative creators $ 250,000 quarterly from April. Byte will pay partners every 30 days.

App monetization will not be automatic – the company itself will choose the applicants. The main criterion for selecting bloggers is that they should shoot full-length portrait videos, post them regularly and be “positive community members”. But the number of video views is also taken into account.

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Supporting Byte’s most loyal users is another way the social network hopes to differentiate its app from others on the market. By paying straight away, Byte can easily lure some of the popular TikTok comedians and pranksters over to it.

Editorial comment: “Contrary to the opinion of many experts, short videos remain in demand, TikTok continues to gain an audience and it has more and more competitors.”

At the moment, Byte is investing 100% of ad revenue into its Affiliate Program to pay authors.

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