Call to action in ads, Instagram, and sales. 35 effective CTA templates

Call to Action or call-to-action ads are needed to motivate the user to take the next step. Click on an ad in contextual advertising, write to Direct on Instagram, leave a request to calculate the cost on the site, and so on.

A well-written call to action can improve the effectiveness of your ad. Depending on the niche and purpose of the ad campaign, there may be different calls to action. In this article, we will share templates for advertising calls that you can use today in your advertising, website or social networks.

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What is a call to action and how to write one

A call to action (CTA) is a text or design element that encourages the user to take a specific action. Leave a request, subscribe, leave a comment and so on.

Used in context, web design, social networks, as a tool to increase conversion.

If you want to write an effective call to action, remember that it must be:

  1. Simple… A call to action should be minimal and non-binding. For example, “Visit the site” and then “Free consultation” or “Download the project catalog for free.” It is not true if you immediately want to sell a product or service, because in most cases, a person is not ready to give money right away and therefore will simply go to your site.
  2. Logical… The words calling for action should be logical, because if you are targeting students and working youth, then there is no point in offering to download a price list with wholesale prices, it would be much better to offer a free consultation or samples.
  3. Carry value… At the same time, what you offer should be valuable to the user. He should understand that if he spends 15 seconds and leaves you with his contact information, he will receive something valuable for him: a checklist, access to a closed video or a free consultation of a competent specialist.
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You can create a call to action yourself or use our templates and modify them according to your suggestion.

Call to action in advertising: sample phrases and ready-made templates

Now let’s try following the rules above to create a call to action, depending on the niche.

Call to action on Instagram

A call to action on Instagram is needed to motivate people to take a targeted action (go to the site, leave a request) and to engage in comments. Let’s consider both cases.

Engagement in comments

  1. What do you think about this? Write your answer in the comments.
  2. Which of the following ______ suits me best? Write the figure in the comments.
  3. Whoever writes the correct answer first, we will give him a valuable prize (discount, let’s do PR).
  4. Have you ever felt the same? Common situation?
  5. I need your advice! What to do, if…

Target action

  1. Follow the link in your profile for more information.
  2. Swipe up to go to a page with more details (for stories with a link).
  3. Write in the comments _____, and we will send you a special offer in Direct.
  4. Only for account subscribers _______, a special offer is valid until ______. To order, write to Direct.
  5. Check out our latest story to get a month’s free promo code.

In ads in contextual advertising

In contextual advertising, use phrases that encourage people to click on your ad. This will increase the CTR and attract the target audience.

  1. Come to the site!
  2. Special price only on the website!
  3. Click!
  4. More details on the website.
  5. Watch it now!
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Moreover, it is not always necessary to write a call to action in the ad text itself, you can write it in the text of the link, quick links or clarifications.

To collect a subscription base

Subscription to e-mail newsletter, registration

1. Subscribe if you always want to stay updated on ________ news!
2. Sign up now for the most complete ________ checklist!
3. Do you want to always be one step ahead of your competitors? Subscribe to the blog ______!
4. Subscribe to the mailing list to become a guru _____!
5. Did you like the article? Subscribe and receive more useful materials directly to your mail.

Offer useful information and added value. Can be used on thank you pages

For site

Free cost calculation, consultation

1. Get a free quote within an hour.
2. Free for the first 14 days.
3. Order a free departure of the measurer.
4. Calculate the cost using our calculator.
4. Leave a request for a free test drive.

The more value you can offer, the greater the flow of applications.

Call for purchase

Purchase of goods, ordering services

1. Buy ____ today and get ___ as a gift.
2. Price only until November 30 _____ rubles! Then it will grow 2 times!
3. Make a powerful leap forward in your business development!
4. Promotion until December 5 – have time to buy!
5. New Year’s (summer) offer.

Let’s get the opportunity to buy at a discount, but at the same time limit the duration. The second option is to give gifts, customers like them even more than discounts!

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We invite you to the event

1. Attention! Limited number of seats! Book now!
2. Will you attend a personal performance improvement workshop?
3. The most anticipated and important industry event _____. Stay tuned!
4. Want to learn _____ yourself? Sign up for a master class.
5. Only practice! 10 effective techniques to improve _____! Sign up!

Let the visitor understand what he will get by coming to your event and motivate him to take the targeted action.

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Pay close attention to call-to-action phrases in your ads. Remember, as long as there is no good call to action, there will be no sales. Study your customers and give them what they want.

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