Canva: how to quickly create a picture for a post

In social networks, you need to act quickly, clearly, and creatively. According to research “Sberbank” with the Validata agency, the average period of concentration of a user on one object is 8 seconds. It is in these 8 seconds that the reader decides whether the post interests him. Therefore, posts with bright images attract more attention compared to ordinary text without visual support, and that is why you need to be able to make pictures for posts on social networks very quickly!

You can quickly prepare a picture for your post with It has an online browser version and an app for mobile users. We will consider work in online versions

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How to sign up for Canva

To register in the service, you need to go to home page site: and activate a 30 day free trial. Later you can refuse it and use the service for free!

You can register with the service in three ways:

  • for companies, startups, non-profit organizations, students or teachers – via email or Google account;
  • for personal use – via email, Google account or Facebook page.

To register via Google or Facebook, you need to confirm access to your account. To register via e-mail – specify a name, write an e-mail address, come up with a password. In general, the registration process takes no more than 30-40 seconds.

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How to create images for social media posts with Canva

The service has templates for the most popular social networks and sites:

There is also a square graphic template for social media. If you need to create a post for Vkontakte or another platform, you can manually select the size of the picture. Just click “Create another design”.

Let’s look at the capabilities of the service and create a simple picture for publishing step by step.

Canva layouts

Canva Layouts is a gallery of ready-to-use images that you can use for publishing. The service database contains over 1,000,000 different images. Search by templates is provided: for example, you can find more than 100 pictures by queries “summer”, “home”, “family”. The database even contains pictures for complex queries, for example, for a “refresher”.

To select a picture as a layout, just click on it. It will appear in the large edit box on the right.

Choosing a layout

In the layout, you can change the arrangement of elements, labels, the distance between different points. For example, in this layout, you can raise the label along with the yellow background up. It is enough to select the required element by clicking on it with the mouse and drag it. And to replace the text, you need to double-click on it.

Instagram photo editing apps

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The elements

Canva Elements

The next big section for editing is the elements. These include:

  • Free beautiful pictures from Canva gallery – clear photos of nature, animals, people and other objects;
  • grids that allow you to place several images or photographs in one picture;
  • frames to which you can later add images, as well as watermarks;
  • various shapes – squares, triangles, circles, polyhedrons, complex geometric decorations;
  • lines – simple and complex, thick and thin, multi-colored or one-color;
  • illustrations – multicolored images of burgers, binoculars, compass and thousands of other items;
  • icons – schematic one-color images of various objects: a dollar sign, a ruler, a flag and others;
  • diagrams: in the form of graphs, familiar diagrams in a circle, pyramids and other complex structures;
  • I love Canva icons: various inserts with the Canva logo, predominantly blue, gray, black.

To add a ready-made element to a picture, simply click on it, drag it to the desired location and resize it. For example, we decided to use a watermark: we found it in the “frames” section and placed it on the left side of the future image.

Add an element

If you plan to use a grid or frame, you must select it before using a layout or third-party image. The system does not allow first loading the layout and then adding it to the grid or frame.


Everything is simple in this section. You can add text to your layout or image from the gallery: heading, subheading, or regular. You can choose a special font from all the ones offered by the service – for example, choose a fancy sweeping font to draw attention to the name of the company.

Add text

To add text, just click on your chosen font. A toolbar will appear at the top – you can also select a font, color, bold, italic text. You can also adjust alignment, spacing and to do list.

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Canva background

For layouts, simple drawings and other images, you can choose your background. As in other sections, there is a wide choice: you can substitute a one-color pastel or dark background, a background in the form of honeycombs or with various geometric shapes, in the form of a notebook sheet or in the form of images.

To select a background, just click on it. You can change the color on some images by using the control panel.

Choosing a background


In the “mine” tab, you can add your images saved on your computer. You can click “upload” and select a file in the pop-up window, or simply drag the picture into the edit field. After uploading, you can resize the photo and drag it anywhere in the picture. In addition, all uploaded images are saved – they can be used in future posts.

The “mine” tab also contains purchased templates, backgrounds, images and other paid formats that you have already purchased. Here you can also sign in to Facebook to use your profile photo to design.

Here’s what happened in 2 minutes of work:

Ready picture for social networks

What you need to know

Almost after every click or action, an autosave occurs, so you will not lose the result of your work, even if the Internet is suddenly turned off or the electricity is cut off.

The finished design can be shared via an invitation by a link, by entering an email address or social networks Twitter and Facebook. You can also insert the finished design on the site.

Most templates, images and other elements are paid. You can buy them one unit at a time – the average cost is only $ 1 – or you can purchase an extended license. To download the finished image in different formats, you also need to buy a license or start a trial period for 30 days.

What else Canva can do

The service helps not only to create various designs for social networks. Among its features:

Document creation

The service offers advanced features for creating documents – presentations, letters, A4 sheets, certificates, resumes, graduation albums. In addition, it can create logos, posters, book covers and many other formats.

Paid templates

There are over 1,600 free templates from Canva. There are even more paid ones. They can be purchased when creating images, in the Layouts tab, or at a separate page of the site


You can work on posts as a team. To add people to a team, click “Create a team” in your personal account and send invitations using email addresses.

Brand logos and fonts

They can be downloaded in a separate tab of the “Brand” personal account. Stylized logos and fonts can be used in future designs.

To summarize: Canva is a user-friendly service with a huge number of options for creating designs for posts, documents, covers, posters and many other formats. Most of its features are paid, but the subscription price is low. Feels like it is more convenient than the famous Photoshop service, and the free functionality is quite enough for a series of posts.

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