Case study: 60% ROI in a week with CPI Clearer on Android


  • Traffic: SocialBar CPC from
  • Affiliate: Adsterra CPA Network
  • Offer: All traffic cleaner
  • Drainage period: 04/21/2011 – 04/27/2011
  • GEO: US
  • Spent: $756.2
  • Total Revenue: $1209
  • Revenue: $452.8
  • ROI: 60%

The choice of GEO and traffic source

We have in our turn an interesting android based kleiner, let’s see how it goes. 🙂

Choosing an offerer

Offering was found in my list, I was looking for something interesting and with high payout. My attention was attracted by Cleaner – Infinite Clean Item offer. This is a default cleaner for Android, there are a lot of them. But here’s the thing: not all of these cleaners go for CPI flow and with such a good payout.

Of course, the danger lies in geo. We have to build our campaign in the US, a geo with a lot of competition.

  • Conversion type: CPI
  • Vertical: Cleaner
  • Device format: Mobile, Tablet
  • OS type: Android
  • Restrictions: no incent, no email, no bot
  • Payment for each instal – $0.56

A screenshot of the final lend:


So, I have started to work with this offer by asking my personal manager about the details of working with this offer, what recommendations we can get, etc.

I remind you that when working with Social Bar you need to create a large number of different creatives, which then need to be tested

It was decided to send traffic according to CPC model and the payment is $0.018 per click.


It is important not to gesticulate strongly when creating creations for any type of cleaners and antiviruses. Creatives that are aimed at warning the user about hacking his phone, camera, data, etc., show a very good result.

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When testing campaign creatives, I decided to try different options. The creatives with all sorts of WARNING and other words, exclamation points, modified android logos (the platform prohibits the use of the original android logo) proved to be the best.

In my previous VPN case study, I suggested using templates that look like system messages. In our case, however, this is just a super option, because only a fool would ignore messages about phone hacking.

The captions to the creatives do in English, respectively.

These are examples of creatives I have in the final:

In my opinion such creatives should attract attention as much as possible, taking into account the fact that from the phone they occupy almost a third of the screen.

Preland is already sewn into the link, so there is no need for additional selection.


Step 1 (Adding tablets)
Let me remind you that Self Service Platform does not allow you to run it on two devices at once. Therefore, if you want to scale your campaign, you have to add tablets, which may help you to increase the traffic.

Step 2 (optimizing Android versions)
It happens that some offers do not have restrictions on the Android version. Do not be lazy to go to the app store and check what version works with the application. This way you can protect yourself from unnecessary untargeted traffic.

Step 3 (Removed some targeting).

In the final settings screenshot you can see that IOS browsers are in exceptions. But by doing some more tests I found that it converts quite well there. Therefore, you may first try to see how it works without those browsers and then remove them from exceptions for scaling like I did.

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Post optimization

Total: targeting on mobile devices and tablets; targeting on Android version 6.0 and above; bid $0.018 per click; targeting in English

Screenshot of the final settings:



Screenshot from Adsterra:

Spent a total of $756.2 in Adsterra on all days.

  • Total made $1209.
  • Profit $452.8.
  • ROI 60%


In conclusion, I want to say that it will be more difficult, but even with standard optimization I have made profit. For the test is not a bad result, in my opinion.

Offering converts well, CR is high, the traffic is very high and the clicks are also good. You can try to earn more, pay out $0.02, for example.

But if you are a beginner, but want to work with the U.S., this is a great opportunity, you can take a bid and smaller.

Offering works, the turnover is impressive, I advise everyone to try it themselves.

Good luck to all!

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