Cashbox review – an exchange for making money and promoting on the Internet

The beginning of promoting a project on the Internet is the most difficult stage. When you don’t have subscribers, there is no activity on the site and in social networks. While good traffic dynamics make the algorithms recommend the content to more users. All of this is not if you have 0 subscribers and 0 views. This means that we need to actively promote.

The main thing at this stage is maximum efficiency for a reasonable price. You need to attract the largest number of target audience.

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Introducing Cashbox – a universal platform for making money and promoting. It allows advertisers to promote a project inexpensively, and performers get rewards for completing tasks.

Service for promotion: opportunities for advertisers

Registration and getting started

To start working, you need to register on Cashbox and log into your account. You can go through authorization by login and password, using your profile in social networks or WebMoney.

The next step is to replenish the account via a bank card, Yandex.Money, Qiwi, Bitcoin and WebMoney. The last option is the most profitable as there is no transfer fee.

Next, you need to add the type of task you need: “Applications”, “Social networks”, “Polls” and “Custom tasks”.

When creating a task for social networks, you must specify a social network, a link to the resource and the name of the task, select its type (for example, “Join the group”, “Like”).

To add a task for installing applications from Google Play or the App Store, specify the name of the task and provide a link to the application. You can also insert a tracking link to track installations on other resources.

When creating a survey, you need to write a name that reflects the essence of the survey and add a description for its purpose. The advertiser can ask the order of the questions or randomize the order, and open the survey results. Questions can be accompanied by a picture and multiple-choice answers. The default assignment will be available to all performers that meet the requirements you specified. You can create a survey with link access.

To create an arbitrary task, you need to specify a name and select the most suitable type. It is important to write in the description what needs to be done and in what order. And in the requirements for the report – indicate what exactly the contractor must provide. In addition, you can choose the time to complete the assignment and restrict access by selecting the item “only for approved performers.” In this case, you will receive requests for execution and make a decision based on the rating and information about the artist.

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After completing the task, it must be published, indicating the cost of one execution and the required amount. When publishing, you can specify the requirements for performers, for example, country, age and gender. In the task for social networks, you can configure the number of subscribers for the performer. You must spend at least 0.01 rubles to publish the assignment.

All tasks, except for arbitrary ones, do not require control over their implementation. The service itself is engaged in this – the execution is counted after a second check after a week. The contractor receives a reward after accepting the order.

Promotion in social networks

Cashbox works with VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Coub, Google+, Events WebMoney.

Promotion in social networks

The boost of indicators at the start of the project in social networks will allow the brand to form a positive reputation, become recognizable and inspire the trust of the audience. In addition, the promoted groups and profiles are higher in the search for social networks, which means that a potential client will easily find you.

Available tasks:

  • watching a video, watching + subscribing, watching + like – from 0.04 rubles;
  • like – from 0.13 rubles (from 0.45 rubles on Instagram and Coub);
  • viewing a stream on Twitch – from 0.15 rubles per minute;
  • add to the widget “Like” – from 0.26 rubles;
  • Twitch channel tracking – from 0.30 rubles;
  • +1 to post on Google+ – from 30 rubles;
  • add to friends – from 0.65 rubles;
  • “Like” / “Dislike” a video on YouTube – from 0.90 rubles;
  • join a group, subscribe to a channel – from 0.90 rubles;
  • share a link, post, photo or video – from 0.90 rubles;
  • write a post – from 0.90 rubles;
  • join the Events WebMoney group – from 0.90 rubles.

Promotion of groups / accounts in social networks is necessary to develop a personal brand, increase trust in the company and increase sales. This is an important step at the start and a guarantee of successful development in the future.

This method of promotion is cheaper than contextual advertising. In addition, it works longer, allowing you to achieve maximum audience coverage in a short time.

The advantage of using “Cashbox” is protection against blocking by social networks, since the actions of real people, and not bots, are wound up.

Arbitrary tasks

The advertiser can order the execution of any tasks necessary for the development of his business. Thus, you can attract new readers / customers, find out the opinion of users about the product, and improve the ranking of the site.

Arbitrary tasks

Popular Categories:

  • installation of games and mobile applications;
  • participation in polls and discussions;
  • subscribing to a group / adding to friends in social networks;
  • get likes and reposts;
  • transitions to the site.

Copywriting and rewriting

This service is a simple and profitable way to fill a web project with unique content. So you can improve the ranking of the site or draw the attention of the target audience to the page on Instagram, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte. Rewriting / copywriting is needed for marketers, webmasters and SMM-managers.

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Copywriting and rewriting

Key features of Cashbox: low cost and convenient work organization. The price of the work is calculated individually and depends on the requirements and level of complexity. Reviews on sites, comments in groups and blogs cost from 3 rubles apiece. Rewriting and copywriting – from 5 rubles per text. You can also assign a reward amount based on the terms of the auction.

Advertisers have the ability to create individual assignments and monitor their progress in real time. You can order both a short commentary and a longread. The well-thought-out interface of the service allows you to organize work with any number of remote employees, quickly check and pay for tasks.

Installing mobile applications

Ordering installations and positive reviews will bring the software to the TOP of the search. This will help arouse interest among users in your development and expand your audience. Then you can connect monetization to generate income from a service or application.

Installing mobile applications

The exchange works with Google Play and the Apple App Store. Installation and recall prices start at 4 rubles.

Other functions

The following services are available on the Cashbox service:

  • Conducting polls and voting… You can conduct a survey, a survey on the site, marketing research. This is necessary to study the target audience and its relationship to the product. Costs from 0.50 rubles.
    Conducting polls and voting
  • Cheat installation of games and programs… It allows you to get feedback, test the software, and attract the first fans. The price of installing a mobile application and testing the program is the same – from 3 rubles.
  • Photo and video filming… The creation of such content is an integral part of the search engine promotion of the site and the development of an account in social networks. Photos and videos of objects will be taken with the specified quality and in the right conditions. The cost is calculated individually – at least 5 rubles apiece.
  • Cheat registrations… Used to set the minimum number of users at startup, create activity in the application and service. “Cashbox” offers thousands of real relevant users at a price of one ruble each.
  • Cheat clicks on advertising banners and transitions to the site… So you will achieve natural activity and, accordingly, an improvement in behavioral factors. In addition to webmasters and internet marketers, the service is useful for UX designers – they will be able to test usability hypotheses in real conditions. Cost – from one ruble per click or transition.

Exchange for making money on the Internet

The Cashbox exchange opens up a lot of opportunities for performers for a simple and fast making money on the Internet… Due to the large number of versatile tasks, you can choose orders that are interesting for yourself. The site interface allows you to sort tasks, hide inappropriate ones. Reusable orders can be bookmarked to quickly find and re-execute after a specified time.

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Among the advantages of the service, it is worth noting the possibility of receiving payments at any time with a minimum amount for withdrawal from two kopecks (in the WebMoney system).

Earnings in social networks

How to get started:

  • Register as a performer.
  • Provide information about yourself and your skills.
  • Bind WMID in the “Personal data” section.
  • Find a suitable task and complete it taking into account the specified requirements.

With the quality execution of tasks, your rating will grow – which means that the chances of attracting a potential customer will increase.

Earnings in social networks

Tasks can be completed on eight popular social networks. To take an order, you need to log in to the service, read the description of the action and complete it. Then you need to return to the tasks page and click on “Check” – this is how you reserve the reward. A week later, the task will be rechecked and the specified amount will be credited to the account.

Platform for making money on the Internet

Types of tasks:

  • “Like” / “Dislike” a video on YouTube – from 0.90 rubles;
  • join the Events WebMoney group – from 0.90 rubles;
  • join a group, subscribe to a channel – from 0.90 rubles;
  • write a post – from 0.90 rubles;
  • share a link, post, photo or video – from 0.90 rubles;
  • add to friends – from 0.65 rubles;
  • +1 to post on Google+ – from 30 rubles;
  • Twitch channel tracking – from 0.30 rubles;
  • add to the widget “Like” – from 0.26 rubles;
  • viewing a stream on Twitch – from 0.15 rubles per minute;
  • like – from 0.13 rubles (from 0.45 rubles on Instagram and Coub);
  • watching a video, watching + subscribing, watching + like – from 0.04 rubles.

Completing assignments

Completing assignments

In addition to working in social networks, among the paid tasks are:

  • installation of applications in the App Store and Google Play;
  • participation in discussions, polls;
  • watching video;
  • copywriting and rewriting;
  • photo and video filming;
  • registration;
  • clicks and transitions to the site.

The cost

All prices are based on the level of complexity and requirements for the contractor.

Let’s consider an example of using several directions. Let’s say you are actively promoting your Instagram profile and want to order followings, likes and content creation.

Subscription costs from 0.90 rubles per person, like – from 0.45 rubles. Creating one photo and writing the text will cost you 5 rubles.

The total cost of promotion with the addition of one hundred subscribers, 15 likes, three images and two texts will be 121.75 rubles. Please note that the lower reward threshold is taken for the calculation. You may have to pay 1.5-2 times more. But in any case, it is inexpensive for paid promotion.


The Cashbox exchange is a convenient and profitable service for both performers and advertisers. In addition to the functions and advantages listed in the article, one can note the presence of an affiliate program up to 30% and the possibility of creating complex orders.

Thanks to regular updates, the platform is stable and bug-free. Its functionality is constantly expanding.

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