Challenges and thematic channels appeared in Yandex.Zen

Yandex.Zen presented thematic channels that will include the best publications of bloggers. To get into such a channel, a blogger needs to participate in a challenge.

Channels with challenges will be additionally promoted in the feed and will be a good way for bloggers to increase their audience. And users can get the most interesting content in one place.

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What is a challenge in Yandex.Zen

Challenge (literally translated as “challenge”) is a well-established genre in which bloggers perform tasks on a specific topic. We invite channel authors to write articles and shoot videos on various topics – about sports, fashion, cinema, and so on.

Challenges are announced every two weeks. Zen already has channels with interesting tasks for bloggers. For example, in the Marathon Kinopoisk channel, you can share reviews of your favorite films and series.

The main task of challenges is to help bloggers create relevant content and provide an understandable tool for increasing the audience. In the future, bloggers will be able to create and promote their own challenges, which will allow them to collect thematic content interesting for users in one place.

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How to take part in the challenge and get into the thematic channel in Zen

A list of all challenges will be displayed in the editor and updated every two weeks. The more tasks a blogger completes, the more thematic channels his content will be able to get into. The Zen team will select the best materials and combine them into channels.

To take part in the challenge:

  • Start creating an article in Zen editor.
  • Choose a theme that you like and that suits your channel theme.
  • Post the story with a task tag.
  • A blogger can participate in several challenges at once.

The best videos and articles in the thematic channels will be actively recommended to users in the Zen feed.

Earlier, video bloggers in Yandex.Zen had the opportunity to make money on product reviews.

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