Checklist: how to get the first subscribers in Telegram for free


1. Preparing content: don’t meet subscribers empty-handed!

For this we need some preparatory work: we need to determine who our audience is, what topics they are interested in, and how we can help them solve their problems with our content. Now it only remains to write a couple of posts, so that the subject of the channel has already become clear to the potential subscriber.

2. Throwing a cry: appeal to family, friends and acquaintances.

Banal, but working way to get the first hundred readers🤷♀.

Send out an invitation to your friends, and those who will not throw you in the BS can be immediately added to the channel via the “Add Users” button

3. Overflow the subscriber base.

It’s great when you already have an audience – all you have to do is attract them to the new site👇.

We leave links to the channel in all social networks and come up with perks for subscribing. This will be the lead magnet: offer the audienceexclusive content, useful information as a gift, or hold a contest among the subscribers. It’s up to you to decide what’s going to hit your readers and attract them with its value.

And don’t forget to add a link to your channel in the header of your profile and your website. Practice shows that from there also comes good traffic.

4. Registering on sites that can bring in new audiences.

The idea of these services is the following: any user can find an interesting channel by subject and filters and subscribe to it. In practice, we get a small but steady increase in the number of new subscribers.

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5. Creating high-quality and useful content for the audience…

… And post it on third-party sites with a link to our Telegram😉 This way we’ll get both growth of brand awareness and good views, which means conversion into new subscribers.

6. Creating content you want to share

Here we need to maximize the number of reposts of our content. And this task is best handled by hot news or posts with obvious benefits. Put it to the test to see which format

format is more likely to engage your audience and get organic channel growth 🔥

7. Engaging in Collaborations

So, once we’ve gained an active base of subscribers, we can also look towards mutual advertising.

To do this, we figure out which channels our audience reads and look for sites similar in the number of views among them. We agree with the owner of the mutual PR and get an influx of 50 – 2000 new subscribers (depending on the size of the blog).

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