Choosing a background and templates for Instagram Stories

We tell you how to select pictures in Stories for each type of business

Instagram Stories shows not only the products offered by the account, but also entertaining content: happy holidays, jokes, wise sayings, interesting facts. There may be polls, interactions and reviews.

A business should choose thematic pictures for registration of entertaining Stories – they will remind customers of the main offer of the account. For example, flower shops should pack content in images with flowers. Then the subscriber, watching the History, will remember that through this business account it is possible to order flower delivery.

Instagram Story Templates can be taken from different apps, we will take from Canva and Crello.

Flower shops

Flower shops, as already mentioned, should use pictures with images of flowers.

Against the background, flowers can be depicted as stems, bouquets, wreaths, they can fill the entire space or stand modestly in the corner of the background.

Consider the season when choosing colors in pictures. So, if it’s summer, then images of peonies, daisies, cornflowers will be relevant. If autumn – gladioli, chrysanthemums, asters. If spring – lilies of the valley, tulips, daffodils.

Ready-made templates for stories should be selected according to the same principle: in the picture, somewhere, somehow flowers should be depicted.

Together with the pictures, you can pick up flower gifs.

For cafes and restaurants

On the topic of “food and drink” photos and pictures are the most.

It is advisable for cafes and restaurants to publish photos of their specialties. But if your photos are over, and new ones will not be delivered soon, you can take ready-made solutions.

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For background stories, Canva and Crello offer close-ups of berries, fruits, cookies, nuts and other small foods. This will not work for public catering – too abstract, torn-eyed background will annoy the subscriber, because he did not come to admire oranges, but for information about services.

But there are more than enough pictures and templates for stories on the food and drink insta in the applications. You can pick up pictures of dishes, menus, promotions, challenges.

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