Classmates allowed to connect to the call by invitation without authorization in the social network

Odnoklassniki expanded the capabilities of the voice and video calls service: now you can connect interlocutors who are not authorized in the social network to the call using an invitation-link.

The duration of a call on the platform is not limited, and up to 100 people can be connected to a group call at the same time. The new service of guest access to the call appeared in the desktop version of OK, as well as in the iOS and Android mobile applications.

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How to create a conference or call with a link in Odnoklassniki

To create a call or a group conference, only the initiator of the call needs to log in to the social network, other participants in the conversation can be invited by the link.

In order to create a call with a link in OK in the web version, the initiator needs to click the “Start Call” button in the “Messages” section, get the link using the option to add people to the call and send it to the interlocutors on the social network or using any external service. In mobile applications, you can create a call in the “Calls” tab of the “Messages” section.

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If the interlocutor does not have an account on Odnoklassniki or is not authorized, after clicking on the link, he just needs to indicate his name in order to join the call as a guest.

Link-invitation to the call in Odnoklassniki

During the pandemic, the number of calls to OK increased by 39%; they became one of the fastest growing social network services during this period. The number of group calls at its peak grew by 70% per day and quadrupled for conferences with 5 or more people.

Earlier in Odnoklassniki, it became possible to restore a profile using face recognition technology.

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