Classmates launched “Moments” – disappearing photos and videos (analogue of stories)

Classmates presented their analogue of stories – “Moments”: disappearing photos and videos with friends’ ratings.

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OK users will now be able to share moments from their lives using disappearing photos and videos and compete with friends in popularity – the rating of friends with the best moments is updated in real time.

Odnoklassniki adapted the format of stories familiar to social networks to suit the interests of their audience: users will be able not only to share personal photos and videos, but also to receive new emotions through daily contests.

Due to the competitive mechanics and the ability to respond to moments, users will receive new reasons for communication. People come to OK to exchange emotional moments from their lives, and now they have a new convenient service for that. “

All functions familiar to this format are available in Moments. You can publish photos and short videos no longer than 10 seconds, as well as labels on a bright background, place stickers over them, use augmented reality masks. All photos and videos published in “Moments” are saved in a separate tab in the author’s personal section “Photos” in OK.

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One of the distinctive features of the service is the ability to respond with your moment to the moments of friends and authors on the social network. To do this, you can choose a public or private response type. The public replies form a chain of moments that all friends can join by posting their disappearing photos and videos.

Moment reactions

Moments can only be published in personal profiles on Odnoklassniki. By the end of the year, administrators of groups and profiles will be able to create thematic contests, to which subscribers or all users of the social network can join with their moments using special tags and stickers.

Part of OK users can already publish moments in mobile applications for iOS and Android, and in the coming days everyone will have this opportunity. In the desktop and mobile versions of the social network, users can only view moments.

Earlier, Odnoklassniki launched the sale of goods from AliExpress in their marketplace, as well as an algorithm for assessing the quality and uniqueness of group content.

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