Cleaning Instagram comments: how to delete or hide comments

Almost every Instagram user at least once had the question of how to hide comments. Someone needs to delete their own comment, and someone else’s. There are many reasons for this. Someone gets in the way of haters, somewhere there is just a lot of spam, or just don’t like someone’s opinion. Or maybe you don’t want to advertise your own comment. Let’s see how this can be done and who has access to this feature.

How does deleting a comment differ from hiding it?

Not everyone knows what the difference is between these actions. And she is, and rather big. If you delete a comment, it will disappear from the page and will never appear on it again. But this will not prevent the user from re-writing even the same comment under the same post.

Hiding comments is a more interesting task. If you configure this tool correctly, you can prevent a specific person from leaving comments, or even hide everything that users write under the posts.

In this case, what will be written will be hidden. This is convenient if strangers constantly write on the pages in an attempt to promote their own pages.

Another option is to turn off the commenting feature. This method is suitable if there is no desire to read and respond to comments under the post, or it was created on a provocative topic.

How to hide comments from all users at once and on all posts

To close comments on all posts at the same time, you will need to create additional restrictions and adjust settings. By default, they are not there, so that everyone who looks into the account can leave comments and thereby increase profile activity. But this is not always necessary.

Let’s take a look at one of the ways you can hide comments.

First you need to go to the main profile settings, and then – to the “Privacy” tab. After that, you need to go to the section called “Account Confidentiality”.

After all these actions, it remains only to move the slider next to the name “Closed account” to the active position.

You can turn your account into a private one and not see strange comments in principle
You can turn your account into a private one and not see strange comments in principle

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If you follow the instructions, then only people approved by the account owner will be able to view and comment on all posts. But please note that in this case, unapproved users will not be able to comment on posts, or even see posts at all. This is how Instagram policy is built.

But remember that accounts where commenting is not possible often quickly become uninteresting to users.

We set a limit on new posts

Another way to restrict post commenting is to set this restriction for each new post. Let’s take a closer look at how this is done.

  1. a photo for publication or a collage of several pictures is selected;
  2. edited, filters are applied and the post is prepared for publication;
  3. in the last window before publishing you need to open a special tab called “advanced settings”;
  4. a tab will open in which you can turn off comments (by the way, this can be changed later), adjust preferences and write alternative text (for people with visual impairments).

The ability to turn off comments appeared not so long ago
The ability to turn off comments appeared not so long ago

How to block or hide comments from one person

But what if only one user’s comments are annoying? It turns out that you can only block his comments and prevent him from unsubscribing on the page. If you act from a phone, it matters what operating system it runs on.

For Android users

You need to go to the “Privacy” section, from there – to the “Comments” tab.

Among the lines that open, you need to select “Block comments from”.

When you click on it, he will go to the list of people, among whom you just have to select those whose opinion is not pleasant to read. After saving the settings, their comments can only be seen by themselves. They will not interfere anymore.

In the same tab, you can configure a manual filter. In this case, all comments that contain a certain word or phrase will be blocked automatically.

For those with an iPhone

First, the user needs to go to the menu, which can be clicked in the upper right corner of the screen. A small menu will drop out where you need to find the settings and go there.

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In the opened parameters, you should find “Privacy and Security”. In the parameters, you need to find the item “Manage comments”. Further – just like the owners of Android. You need to tap on the “Block comments from” button and in the menu that opens, find everyone whose words you don’t want to see.

It should be noted that the user will not receive any notifications about the incident. If, after adding them to the list, they continue to write comments, then no one will see them except themselves. Leaving notes will simply disappear by themselves.

From computer

Of course, the personal computer doesn’t have as many features as the mobile version. But you can still do something here. For example, disable commenting for a specific person.

The scheme of actions is simple:

  • open the profile of a person whose comments you don’t want to see;
  • in the upper right corner there is an ellipsis next to the item “Subscriptions”, you should click on it;
  • a window will appear in which it remains to select the item “block this user”.

When all these points are completed, he will no longer be able to leave comments on the records.

What to do if you only want to see comments from a couple of people

Instagram also has a reverse function. You can only allow comments for a few people, and deny others. This is convenient when the account is personal, but with a popular person. Configurable in the same way as when blocking individuals:

  • open settings;
  • go to the section “Confidentiality”;
  • click on the line “Allow comments from”;
  • a menu will open where you can select specific users who are allowed to leave comments under the posts.

Limited access: if you need to filter what the user writes

Instagram has an interesting feature that many other social networks do not have. For example, you can temporarily add a user to a restricted circle. This is convenient for fans of a famous person who either confess their love, or begin to arrange a holivar in the comments.

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The meaning of limited access is that each user comment goes to moderation – the profile owner decides for himself whether to publish it or not. You can also hide the status of the correspondence.

To add him to the circle of “especially trusted persons” you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • go to the settings section;
  • find the item “Confidentiality” there;
  • in the “Contacts” part, look for “Accounts with limited access”;
  • add people whose behavior seems suspicious.

A separate category of subscribers - when every word behind them needs to be rechecked
A separate category of subscribers – when every word behind them needs to be rechecked

How to Hide Comments on Live Instagram on Mac

Another common situation is that you need access to Instagram Live, but without comments. For this, the Chrome extension IG Story is used. This is not difficult to do:

  • download the IG Story extension for Insta;
  • in the upper right corner, click on “Add to Chrome”;
  • a pop-up window will appear in which you need to confirm the action;
  • click on “Add extension”;
  • wait for the installation to complete;
  • when everything is ready, the extension icon will appear in the upper right corner;
  • go to the page and log in to the Instagram social network;
  • after that, all videos from people followed by the user will appear at the top of the screen;
  • you need to select one from the list and click on it – a new tab will open;
  • the video will start playing, the “Hide comments” option will appear;
  • click on this part and all comments will disappear.

At the moment, this option is only available for use on a computer. Broadcasting is also not so easy. We talked about how to do this correctly quite recently in the article “How to broadcast live on Instagram through a computer, and also on VKontakte and YouTube.”

How to delete someone else’s comment on Instagram under your post

To delete someone else’s comment, you don’t have to do anything special, dances with a tambourine are not required. Each profile owner has the right to do whatever he wants with his posts and photos.

To delete a comment, you just need to highlight the message that is unpleasant. A basket icon will appear at the top. If you click on it, the comment will disappear. The profile owner will have a few seconds to undo this action.


On Instagram, as in other social networks, you can delete your comments under any post. You can also hide and delete other people’s comments from your posts. It is not difficult to do this, but to understand it easier – we have provided detailed instructions on how to hide comments on Instagram and how to delete an unpleasant comment.

Author: Ksenia Bondarenko

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