Clothing brand logos in pictures: list, names, history, photos


Clothing brand logos are interesting because each one has its own incredible story. They may be simple, but they are recognizable to millions of people around the world.

In this article, we’ll look at the most famous clothing brands’ logos, their meanings and history. Perhaps they will inspire you to create your own masterpiece.

Logos of sportswear brands


The Nike logo, a simple tick, has its own name – swoosh. It was designed in 1971 by a girl student, Carolyn Davidson, for just $35. She gave company founder Phil Knight several options for the athletic shoe badge, but he chose the unassuming tick. He was won over by the simplicity of the badge, and he believed that over time consumers would like it more and more. Flexible, dynamic, simple – the tick is now recognizable around the world. In fact, it symbolizes the wing of the goddess of victory Niki (Nike), who inspired warriors to new feats. So now her “wing” inspires sports exploits of athletes around the world.


The company uses not one logo, but several, but all of them are well recognizable. But the most beloved by fans of the brand is trefoil with three stripes, which appeared in 1971. Prior to that, the brand’s products had just three stripes, which were not even registered as a trademark.

The shamrock logo symbolizes the variety of sportswear lines that the brand offers.

In 1994, with the expansion of the sportswear line, another logo appeared, symbolizing the mountain, the obstacles that athletes have to overcome.

In 2005, another logo appeared – a circle with three stripes. Now it stands for the Style line – clothes for everyday wear.

Now the company uses all three marks in different clothing lines – and all of them are familiar to brand’s fans.

Under Armour

This brand of high-tech sportswear and equipment began its way as a simple startup. The brand name appeared by accident, thanks to a reservation by the brother of the company’s founder Kevin Plank (originally it was Body Armour).

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A recognizable brand mark is nothing but a monogram, successfully joined the first letters of the words of the name – U and A.


The Italian brand of sportswear, which is easily recognized by its logo: a man and a woman, sitting with their backs to each other.

Their silhouettes symbolize not only the fact that the brand produces both women’s and men’s sportswear. This is also a symbol of unity of purpose.

The brand is loved by many sports teams around the world. And you yourself, strolling through the stores, surely stop at the products of this company.


This is a Russian brand, which operates in the low-price segment, while offering good quality clothing. The logo of the brand is familiar to those who visit Sportmaster stores.

The brand’s stylish logo is a stylized letter “D.” The sign stands for flexibility and forward-looking.

Logos of brands of men’s and women’s clothing


English men’s clothing brand for a long time had a very recognizable, original logo, designed by its creator Thomas Barberi, and slightly refined by designer Fabien Baron. A knight on horseback in full armor, with the letter B on his shield: courage, strength, impetuosity – all true masculine qualities in one picture.

In 2018, the brand changed the logo to a monogram: the intricately woven letters B and T are the initials of the company founder.


Fashion house Zara uses a very simple logo-script, the name of its company.

In January 2019, the brand changed its logo, and this metamorphosis was perceived negatively by many experts and consumers.

The font has changed, and the letters go behind each other, intertwined. A logo with a light touch of retro, which is a reference to the fashion magazines of the 70s.


The logo of the world-famous fashion house is recognizable among thousands.

It is a monogram logo: two skillfully intertwined C’s, which are turned in different directions. These are the initials of the founder of the fashion house Coco Chanel. The logo first saw the world in 1925 – it was placed on the bottles of perfume. Then the logo was transferred to the other products of the brand.

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It is worth noting that this approach, a monogram logo that plays on the initials of its founder, is the most common emblem in the fashion industry.


The crocodile logo is recognized worldwide. It appeared in 1933. The founder of the company Jean Rene Lacoste was originally engaged in the production of tennis shirts, he was also in the sport. He even had a sport nickname alligator. Alligator was drawn as a joke by a friend of Lacoste and this little crocodile became the brand’s logo.


The French luxury clothing brand has an interesting badge that is sometimes used as a print.

On the logo you can see a harnessed carriage and a coachman. The brand’s signature color is orange. According to the founders, the sign shows how the brand has evolved over time. At the same time it hints at the aristocratic character of the brand.

However, on the shoes and clothes of the brand more often it is possible to notice just the letter “H”.

Emporio Armani

This is the label, which is a part of Giorgio Armani brand. If the brand itself has a simple logo – the company name, black letters on white background, then the Emporio Armani label has a more interesting logo.

It is a striped eagle, which spreads its wings and looks to the right. It depicts the letters GA. There are many versions of the meaning of the logo, but the most common is that the eagle stands for freedom, high quality and superiority of the brand.

Either way, the eagle is very recognizable (and is often tried to be faked).


The logo of this fashion house depicts the jellyfish Gorgon, a character from ancient Greek mythology.

The idea for the logo belongs to Gianni Versace, the founder of the fashion house. He adored mythology, and the image of the Gorgon seemed to him lucky. A woman should be the embodiment of fatal attraction – this is the message of the logo.

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Logos for children’s clothing brands

The logos of children’s clothing brands are interesting because they reflect a special approach to the children’s audience. They are made in bright colors, often using drawn, “cartoon” characters.


This is a relatively young brand of children’s shoes, which appeared in 2007. But the brand is already trusted by many parents in the CIS countries.

The brand logo is typically a puppy, looking at something with interest.

The funny character is the embodiment of children’s curiosity and spontaneity.


This company makes products for children from birth to 3 years old, including clothing. One of the most famous children’s brands in the world comes from Italy.

The name of the brand is translated from Italian as “kernel” (as the founder of the company affectionately called his firstborn). And if you look closely at the shape of the logo and the way the inscription goes, you can see the outline of a grain of wheat.


A young Italian clothing brand for children under 14 years old. Known for affordable prices and comfortable, practical casual clothing in a casual style.

The brand logo is its name, as if written by a child’s hand, in blue and pink felt-tip pens (the typical “children’s” colors are for boys and girls).

Little Pieces

Danish clothing brand for children and teenagers uses a simple logo. The last letter in “little” is transformed into a string or a cord, tied with a bow. Perhaps it’s a reference to the ribbon in girls’ hair, or to that tricky skill we learn as children – the skill of tying shoelaces.

All clothing brand logos are different. Each has its own story and meaning. They also have something in common: for example, the logos of fashion houses for women’s and men’s clothing are often a monogram of the founder’s initials or the company name written in a special font. Sports and children’s brands are more colorful and interesting because they have a special target audience.

Which clothing brand logo do you personally like? Tell us in the comments!

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