Communities will be able to post stories from VK Stories

VKontakte communities that can publish Stories will be able to combine them into stories – a collection under the same title and with a cover.

You can add up to 20 stories to one collection: products, cases, news, and more. They will be published on the wall of the group and will not disappear even after 24 hours from the moment of publication.

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Subscribers will see the cover of the story in the feed, by clicking on which the entire collection will open.

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How to make a VKontakte story from Stories

To make a VKontakte storyline, at the moment it is possible only in the desktop version of the social network in the “Story Management” section. To do this, upload a photo or video in the usual way and click “Publish a story”.

Before publishing, be sure to give your stories a title and choose a photo to use as a cover. Finally, click “Share”.

How to publish a selection of Stories on VK

The story will be posted in the community stories and will open with one click. In addition, the story can be shared on the group wall, send a personal message or chat. In Stories, the collection will be visible within 24 hours after publication, and will remain on the wall forever. Communities can publish a maximum of 50 stories per day.

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What is a plot in VK and what does it look like

To edit an already published story, you need to open it for viewing and click on the menu of three points. After that, you can add new frames to the scene, swap photos and videos, or delete some of them.

Each frame can be supplemented with a link to a post or article, as in regular stories. The statistics for the stories will show how many times it was opened and which stories from it were viewed.

note, ordinary users and the group to create stories is not available.

Recall that recently VKontakte has launched new bookmarks and a feed of liked entriesand also allowed create up to 50 targeting templates in the VK advertising account

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