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We have already written about what a standard content plan for Instagram looks like. But these are general principles. The article describes how to plan content for a separate, large-scale in its functionality and the most popular section of Instagram – Stories.

Stage 1. Planning table contents

Important! Before planning Stories, it is important to establish a general brand identity for visual design: choose fonts, colors, find references, select music, some preferred filters.

Create a table header for Instagram Stories:

Some people save the originals of Stories in separate folders (for example, on Google Drive), others prefer to leave them in the archive of Instagram itself.

After planning the release dates in the content plan, it is most convenient to schedule ready-made Stories using the cool Story editor from SMMplanner – its capabilities will pleasantly surprise you.

Stage 2. Choosing metrics to track content performance

If you wish, you can add statistics indicators for each released Story directly in the content plan. The following metrics are available for analysis:

… where FullViewRate is a measure of the attractiveness of the content

Metrics are a useful tool for assessing the tasks in the content plan:

  • Views and reach allow you to evaluate the reach of the content in the section for your subscribers. They also allow the account to qualify for more expensive ad placement (relevant for bloggers). In addition, questionable givas have been replaced by marathons, where the cost of participation for speakers and sponsors directly depends on the coverage of their Stories.
  • Pressing Forward / Backward – track the density of interaction. If you come up with tasks and quests, you can understand which Stories in the event caused difficulties, for example.
  • Exit – the user’s refusal to interact with the content. An alarming metric, follow it especially during periods of advertising activity, it will make it clear whether the target audience is watching your Instagram stories.
  • Answers – user engagement in Stories. Their number usually grows with appropriate stickers (polls, tests).
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The convenience of placing statistics in the content plan is that you can easily analyze how different forms of content “enter” and where it is better and more active to interact with stickers, as well as compare the time of release with coverage, and determine the popularity of categories. For the convenience of filtering by indicators, I use Google Sheets – it is easy to manage content plan data in them.

Stage 3. Constructing the content of the Instagram Stories content plan

Now let’s look at examples of what exactly to place in the columns of the content plan: examples of technical specifications, what goals are set for interactions, publication statuses.

  1. Heading: Break Stories into the following types: quote, fact of the day, poll, test, humor, post announcement, live broadcast announcement, stock announcement, selection, promo. Naturally, for different types of business, the headings will be specific.
  2. TK section: put a short description of the Story for the designer. It is better to make a separate link to the document in Google Drive: it contains visual references, text, the number of Stories, photos, the necessary stickers and their location on the photo, the presence of a link, UTM for the link.
  3. Subscriber interaction goals: answer, view, swipe on the link, stretch the scale, click (in polls).
  4. Publication status: approved, not ready, in progress, ready, released, disruption of Instagram stories.
  5. Actual: indicate if you want to place individual Stories in the Relevant section. I just put the title of the collection.

Such work with the content plan makes it easier to work with analytics: it allows you to abandon ineffective formats, see successful solutions and helps to generally establish the work of releasing Stories in your account.

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Useful links for working with content on Instagram

If you have firmly decided to control the work with content on Instagram, I have compiled for you a selection of the best articles on the SMMplanner blog:

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Inspirational conclusion

Remember – even if your Instagram Stories are insanely good-looking, you can’t just rejoice in having them in your account. You need to constantly monitor how subscribers’ preferences change and evaluate their reaction to your content. Without a full-fledged content plan, your success is only accidental, because efficiency is highly dependent on planning. And if you suddenly decide that Instagram is over, it’s too late to go and create something new, then remember the banal numbers. In 2018, the social network had an audience of about 15 million, and at the moment – over 40 million. For an Instagram business, this means more leads and more money. You can learn how to effectively run a business through Instagram on the course “Instagram Sales: Secrets of Professionals”. Read more about it at the link above.

Happy promotion!

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