Contest on Facebook – how to conduct: conditions, prizes, determining the winner

If you are the owner Facebook groupsthen holding contests would be good options to increase activity and attract new subscribers. People love to participate in contests and receive prizes. I always like to receive something in return for simple actions for them. The main thing is to correctly plan a Facebook contest in order to get a bad increase in recognition and attract not only subscribers, but also those who will become your client.

Facebook has changed the conditions for creating and holding contests many times. Initially, they were completely banned, but then they were nevertheless added and changed many times. All this led to the fact that it became not very convenient to conduct them on this social network, which is why many companies and groups began to refuse competitions altogether.

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Fortunately, not so long ago, the management of the social network simplified the rules, changing them in a direction more loyal to the organizers. The selection of conditions for participation in the competition has expanded, but it is still not possible to use programs not related to Facebook for this. In addition, you cannot persuade users to repost to your page. This could threaten you with life-long group ban. All other means can be used. But which ones are the most proven and popular? This is what we will help you find out!

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Types of contests on Facebook

Most often, all competitions can be divided into types according to the actions that need to be performed in order to participate in them. In other social networks, the condition for participation in contests is to repost the record about it on your page and like. Reposting your post about a contest will attract even more people, and leaving a like will improve statistics, but Facebook’s policy is against groups forcing users to post on their pages, even for contests. Despite this, many bypass this ban with impunity. Here’s an example of such a competition:

Comments are also used for contests. It can be something like: “leave a comment with specific text under this post and you can win a prize.” The method with comments will involve a lot more people than the method with reposts, because people comment on posts much more often and more willingly than they share them on their page. But, if you want to attract a new audience, then only a contest with reposts is suitable for you. Here’s an example of a competition with comments:

Facebook Comments Contest

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How to run a competition with a prize draw?

As we said above, in order to hold a contest on Facebook, you need to think over and plan everything.


From the very beginning, you must decide what your competition will be connected with and choose a topic that will be of interest to your audience. If the topic of your group is cosmetics, then it is worth asking the contestants to do something related to it. A good option would be to suggest that you write some kind of laudatory review or your favorite product in the comments. Thus, you can advertise both the product and the competition.

Also, you can spend poll in your Facebook groupso that the participants themselves choose what they will be interested in.

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Next, you need to think over the rules for the competition. You need to choose the time during which it will be valid, indicate the actions that will need to be performed in order to take part in it, and so on. It is also worth mentioning which application will be used to select the winner and leave a link to it.

Facebook Contest Terms


This is the most interesting part for the participant. It’s important to act out what your audience is interested in, otherwise they won’t be motivated to participate. In this case, you should definitely give the prize to the winner, because otherwise you risk earning your group a bad reputation. The larger the prize, the more attention the competition will attract to itself. But, you should always take into account your material capabilities and not offer something that will hit your pocket too hard or will be difficult to transport.

Prize in the FB drawing


The visual component is very important in contests. It is necessary to hook the reader at first glance, and for this you need to choose a photo that would be bright and consistent with the theme of the competition. It is also worth adding something to it that will be related to the prize for your competition, or the prize itself. If you do not have the skills to edit photos, then you should use the services of professionals. There are also many interesting ready-made options on the Internet.

Post design with competition

Determining the winner

When the day comes to determine the winner, you should seek help from a service called ““. He collects statistics under the selected post, examines user profiles for compliance with the conditions and selects a random winner. Let’s take a quick look at how it works:

  • First you need to register on it
  • After registration, you will see a window with your login. Click on the button to select a new winner
  • Next, we set up our competition. You also need to add a selection condition.
  • Click further until the window for selecting the number of winners appears. Write in it how many winners you want in your competition.

We confirm our selection and your competition is ready! The program will display the name of the winner. You will also receive a link that you can provide as proof of the fairness of the competition.

Handing over

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After you have chosen the winner, you need to write him in private messages and ask him to indicate your email address. When you start organizing a competition, you should always be prepared to spend money on sending and buying a prize. It is also worth asking the winner to take a photo of their prize after receiving it, so that people can be sure of the fairness of the competition.

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In conclusion, I would like to say that making a contest on Facebook is a rather difficult process. It requires a lot of resources and often does not give the result that other social networks could give, but at the same time, like any competition, it has a positive effect on audience loyalty. Therefore, with the proper resources and creativity, you can increase the activity of your group and add yourself subscribers.

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