Conversations appeared in VKontakte communities

Now you can create conversations in VKontakte communities. Conversations will allow you to answer questions, discuss new products, learn more about the interests of clients. When they go to your group page, visitors will see how many chats are already there and how many people are communicating in them right now.

Conversations are available to communities with less than 100k subscribers. In a VK group, you can create up to 20 chats and up to 2 thousand people in each of them – we figure out how to do this.

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How to create a conversation / chat in a VKontakte group

Only community admins can create conversations. Maximum – 20 chats, each of which can be joined by up to 2 thousand people. At the same time, community leaders will join the conversation, even if there are no seats in it. If your community has more than 100 thousand members, the function will continue to work.

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Step 1… To create a chat go to the group management, click the “Conversations” item and in the tab that opens, click “Create conversation”.

Step 2… The “New Community Conversation” window will appear, in which you need to write the name of the future chat and click “Create Conversation”.

How to name a chat in VK

Step 3… After that, the created conversation will be displayed in the list below. Here you can also enable or disable the display of all conversations on the group page.

Managing VK conversations

Step 4… Hover your mouse over the conversation – a gear icon will appear on the right, click on it.

VK conversation settings

A window with information about the chat will open:

  • the group in which the chat was created;
  • all attachments;
  • a link to the conversation with the ability to copy it;
  • control – here we choose who can invite participants in the conversation – all or only administrators;
  • chat participants and administrators;
  • Close Conversation button.

Information about the conversation in VK

By clicking on the chat photo, you can change it.

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Entering chats

Only members of a private or private community can join conversations. If a user has left the community, he will automatically be removed from the chats as well. Anyone can join a conversation in open communities. Whether he can invite someone else depends on the chat settings.

You can use the conversation link to invite new members. Copy it from the chat settings and place it wherever you see fit: in a pinned message, in a menu or community posts, on third-party pages or resources.

The new participant in the conversation will see the last 300 messages in it.

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Displaying Community Conversations

In the mobile application and mobile version, the list of conversations is under the line with the number of participants, in the desktop version – under the menu on the right side of the screen. To make conversations more visible, you can designate them as the main block in your community.

The list of conversations above displays the most recently active ones. A chat is considered active if at least two people have written messages in it in the last 30 minutes. If people are communicating in conversations right now, then animation will appear in the community – it will attract the attention of other subscribers.

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