Copywriter’s tasks: how to understand that the copywriter has written a good text


To think that visuals are the most important thing in social media is naive, to say the least! Quality textual content is no less important than high-quality photo and video content.

Writing a quality, meaningful, beautiful, easy-to-read text is not that easy. It’s even harder to write a text that will perform the right marketing tasks. Quality copywriting is not an easy thing. So, even if you have found a copywriter who suits you, check his creativity by our check-list.

Easy readability

If the text is logical, without tautology and phrases like “it’s no secret” or “the high-class specialists will meet your wishes”, these indicators will not be lower than 70%. If you do not have time, use an aggregator to check.


And here is where you should not rely on yourself. There are copywriters who copypaste mercilessly and unscrupulously. Check the originality of the text through services.
This is important! The robot indexes the author’s texts better, and copypastes reduces in issuance and even blocks! The originality of the text should not be less than 90% (10 percent will be left for random coincidence of phrases).


Copywriters are rarely universal. Someone writes easily and brightly, someone thoughtfully and seriously. Some have texts with a perfect structure and logic, and some have excellent humorous posts. It is important to find a copywriter who suits the tasks of your company.


Texts with errors are evaluated lower by social network algorithms and, accordingly, are shown to a smaller number of people. Not to mention that spelling mistakes affect the company’s image. And the more serious the company, the more impeccable the literacy should be.

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Marketing tasks

A bot will not help here. You need a competent Internet marketer who understands the principles of text. “Selling” post – this is one thing, useful – another, entertaining – third, informational – fourth, and so on. Each has its own laws, “hooks” and “magnets”.

IMPORTANT: You should not trust 100% services. They often evaluate the text formally. In our opinion, it is always better to have an editor who checks the copywriter.

And finally, a little about how to write texts that will meet all of the above objectives:
● Find a copywriter who will write originally and turn in work on time.
● Find an editor who will check out the copywriter.
● Find a marketer who will give assignments to the copywriter.
● Find a manager who will coordinate everyone.

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