Courier delivery appeared in VKontakte online stores

Courier delivery has become available in the VKontakte Store 2.0 application. It is available for all communities in which the “Advanced” mode of goods is enabled.

It is enough for the seller to add delivery zones to the store menu and a map with them in order to orient buyers.

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How to enable and configure courier delivery in the VKontakte group

To make courier delivery available to customers, turn on the “Advanced” mode of goods and activate the “Courier delivery” option in the store settings.

After you enable courier shipping in the store settings, you can add delivery zones. Divide the city the way you like. For each zone you need to specify:

  • A name that is understandable to the buyer – for example, “within the Moscow Ring Road” or “across Vasilievsky Island”.
  • Cost. It can be calculated in advance on the courier service website.
  • Estimated delivery time.

How to set up courier delivery in the VKontakte online store

You can download a map with highlighted delivery areas – customers will see it when placing an order and will be able to quickly understand which option is right for them.

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Courier delivery will be available to the buyer when placing an order if he is located in the same city as the store. You can change the city manually in the shopping cart. This is useful, for example, if you want to send a gift to a friend or relative.

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