Covers for Trending Stories on Instagram

In December 2017, Instagram added the ability saving Stories in the “Actual” section under the profile description. EIt is a simple yet effective tool for capturing user attention and expanding your reach. You can create an album with your portfolio, “About the author”, “Highlights”, promotions, cases and master classes.

Bright covers for relevant Stories can increase the number of views, highlight the brand’s personality. When creating covers of the actual, give preference to simple, concise icons with eye-pleasing colors.

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Technical highlights

Before you start working with covers, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • square images are best for icons;
  • the desired element must be exactly in the center to look beautiful after cropping;
  • the section header can be up to 16 characters long;
  • to create eternal Stories, you can use the functionality of Instagram, as well as Photoshop, Canva or Adobe Illustrator;
  • so that interesting Stories do not disappear, you need to save them to the archive;
  • ten or more albums are allowed;
  • one story can be added to multiple sections.

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How to make covers for relevant Stories

The choice of an icon will be especially appreciated by those who spend a lot of time and effort on a flawless account design. This allows you to fit the icon into the overall style, improve the visual appearance of the profile, and create more convenient navigation through the account.

How to make covers for relevant Stories

Method 1: select one of the Stories in the album as a cover

The easiest option is to use History from the current one. You can also choose the cover at the stage of creating pinned stories. Let’s show the process from start to finish.

  • To create a new section under the infobox, click “+”.
  • Mark the checkbox of a photo from Stories suitable for the role of a cover and select the action “Next”.
  • If necessary, edit the size of the future icon.
    Choosing the icon of the current stories
  • Give the section a name and click Next.
  • Done!

Method 2: upload any picture

The cover can be created from scratch using any graphic editor.

With Canva

If none of the service icons suit you, you can upload them to Canva from your computer and then paste them into your template.

Via Photoshop

To work with Photoshop, use the following instructions:

  • Create a new 1080 x 1080 pixels file.
    How to make a cover for Stories in Photoshop
  • Fill the background with the desired color.
    Making Stories in Photoshop
  • Download the appropriate icons from the internet.
    Icons for Stories
  • Place the selected icon in the center of the picture. For maximum placement accuracy, you can pre-add vertical and horizontal guides.
    How to create an icon in Photoshop
  • Save the cover in PNG format and then upload it to Instagram. Then repeat the steps as you did with the Canva online service.

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Method 3: finished covers

Want to save time? Then opt for ready-made options. To search on Google, type in the line “icons for instagram stories” or “highlight instagram stories icon”, go to the “Pictures” section and save the file you like.

Then the image can be cropped using any graphic editor and added to Instagram.

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How to change the icon of pinned Stories

To update or change the cover, do the following:

  • Click on History and then on the three dots at the bottom of the screen.
    How to change the icon of pinned Stories
  • Select the “Edit Current” action.
  • After that you can delete Stories from the section, change the name of the selected area and cover parameters.
  • To change the icon, click “Edit Cover” and select a new option. Click Finish to save your changes.

Cover Tips

When choosing icons for your albums, focus on the tastes of the target audience and the general style of your profile. There are many types of Instagram covers, and each of them will be perceived differently by visitors.

Ready covers for Stories

Conventionally, icons for Stories Highlights can be divided into three groups:

  • Standard – a one-stop solution suitable for regular users, most bloggers and accounts, and lifestyle topics.
  • Thematic – are intended for narrow specialists: cosmetologists, hairdressers, image makers and representatives of other professions.
  • Business Covers – these are individual icons that draw attention to information about top products, payment and delivery methods, and a loyalty program. They are suitable for online stores, info businessmen, executives.

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