Create a group in Instagram Direct: name, members, settings, deletion

Instagram functionality is replenished almost monthly. One of the tools that few people know about is group chat in Direct. It allows you to create private discussions, video chats, and more.

In this article, we will tell you how to create a group on Instagram Direct, how to name it, add new members and how to apply all this in your work.

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How to create a group chat on Instagram Direct: step by step instructions

Let’s start by creating a group.

Step 1. Go to Instagram and open Direct – click on the airplane in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2. Click create new message. The button for composing a message is also at the top right – a pencil on the tablet.

How to make a chat in Direct

Step 3. Choose more than one recipient, these will be the group members. More people can be added later. After choosing the participants, click “Write to chat”.

Members of the group

Step 4. Write the text of the message to be sent to the group chat. For example, “Hello everyone, this group was created so that we can discuss …”.

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Creating a group chat on Instagram

Click Submit. After that, you will find yourself in a chat, where all events such as adding participants and all messages will be visible.

How Instagram chat works

Also, in the chat window, you can send a voice message, a photo or video from the gallery, a gif, a heart, and add quick replies. On the top panel there are buttons for starting a video chat, adding a chat to bookmarks and going to the group settings.

Group settings

To go to the group settings, click on the information icon.

How to change the name of a group on Instagram

The settings menu will open. Let’s go over all the points.

  • Name… To change the name of a group on Instagram, click in the very first field and enter the desired name. Use a name that reveals the essence of the group.
    Group settings
  • Message notifications – enable if you want to receive notifications about new messages in the chat.
  • Video chat notifications – turn it on if you want to see if someone has started a video chat in the group.
  • Admin Approval – enable the option if moderation of all messages in the group is required.

How to add members

To add people to the group, here in the settings, go down a little lower and in the “Participants” section, tap “Add people”.

How to add people to chat in Yandex.Direct

At the moment there are no restrictions on adding members. You can add at least as many members, even bloggers and stars. At the same time, do not think that the stars will immediately begin to correspond in the chat – they will receive a notification about adding to the group in Direct in the Requests section. They can confirm, delete, or ignore it.

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How do I add a group administrator? To add an administrator, we find the participant to whom we want to assign administration, click next to him on three dots and in the menu that appears, select and “Make an administrator”.

How to add a group administrator

How do I remove a person from a group? In the settings, scroll to the item with all the participants, find the desired user, click on the three dots next to them and in the menu that appears, click “Delete user”.

How to remove a chat member

Deleting a group and ending a chat

In the group settings, you can leave or end the chat.

How to delete a chat on InstagramLeave chat – means to leave it and lose access to the correspondence, until someone adds you again.

End chat – all chat participants will be deleted, while they can view the chat history.

How to use groups on Instagram

At its core, groups or group chats are an alternative that Instagram offers, channels and chat in instant messengers. Accordingly, their use and application are about the same.

  • Notifying customers about news, discounts, promotions, sales;
  • Chat group, equity holders, students, etc.
  • Private VIP chat for premium clients;
  • Conducting video chats;
  • Answers to frequently asked questions, discussions.

Also, you can promote your chat and invite new members there using the chat sticker in the story.


For now, group chats are a fairly crude tool that will change. At the same time, creating a group on Instagram is a step that needs to be taken right now. Groups can become a new way of promotion that will replace mass activities (but this is not certain) and work with it should not be postponed indefinitely.

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