How to create a Poll in Tik Tok and why you should do it


You’ve probably noticed videos with polls in Tik Tok, but you don’t know how to create one yourself.

This article will tell you in detail where the polls feature is hidden in Tik-Tokand why you should create them at all.

How to create a poll in Tik Tok – detailed instructions

Like Instagram, you can create a Poll in Tik Tok with stickers. But it’s not as popular a tool as effects in Tik-Tok, so many tik-tokers don’t use them at all.


  • Step 1. Open Tik-Tok, create a video the usual way – record on your smartphone camera or upload a pre-created one from the gallery. At the stage of editing, where effects, music, filters are added, we find the Stickers tool. At the bottom of the screen. Click on it. *If you don’t have the Stickers tool, update the application.
  • Step 2: In Stickers, select Poll.

how to create a poll in tik tok

  • Step 3: Write your question. Maximum 40 characters.
  • Step 4. The default answer is “Yes/No”, but if you click on the answer button, you can write your own. You cannot add more than two answers.
  • Step 5: Click the “Done” button in the upper right corner to save the poll.

*You can’t attach a picture to your poll, but you can add it to your video in other ways. For example, place it on the background in advance or attach it using a picture sticker.

How to edit a poll

If you want to edit a poll, double click on the sticker. It will open for editing. But remember that you can edit videos in Tik-Tok only before they are published. So we advise you to think through the questions and answers for the poll beforehand.

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If needed, add additional text (via the “Text” tool), music, effects, or additional stickers.

You can change the size of the sticker. You need to pull the edges of the sticker with your fingers, and it will expand. But we don’t advise you to do this. Unlike the stickers in Instagram, in this editor, when you resize a sticker, it becomes crooked with jagged edges and pixels. These remain even if you try to resize it back to its original size.

How to delete a poll

During the editing phase, click on the survey sticker and then drag it up. A recycle garbage can will appear at the top of the screen, just drag the sticker up. You cannot delete the poll in the published video – you have to delete the video itself. But we’ve already written that Tik-Tok is not very good at deleting videos, it’s better to make it private, i.e. open only to the author.

How to see the results of the poll

To check the results, open the published video. The percentage of people who voted is immediately displayed in the poll responses.

If you click on the sticker, a “View poll results” line will appear. Click on it – a panel opens with detailed information. When the votes appear, you’ll see the names and avatars of the people who voted.

Important: results are saved for a period of 1 hour to 24 hours. But they are displayed immediately after publication. Keep in mind that subscribers need time to see your new video and take part in voting.

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What polls are for:

  • Find out what your subscribers think about any topic you or they are interested in;
  • find out if the audience likes your content or a particular video;
  • understand what content is worth shooting more often. For example, you could ask – “Should I make more videos with my cat?”
  • consult with your audience when you can’t decide on a new video idea. For example, you have 2 ideas and you want to know what to shoot first;
  • find out what music to shoot the video to. Example question: “What track should I shoot my next video to? MÃ¥neskin / Lady Gaga”.
  • check audience engagement.


Another important plus is that people’s participation in the survey is considered interaction with the content and is positively perceived by Tik-Tok’s algorithms. Survey videos or your other videos may be more likely to get into recommendations if the audience is active.

The second benefit is that when audiences see that they can influence your content, they become more engaged. Subscribers will be more likely to write comments, participate in new polls, and give you ideas.


You can create a Poll in Tik Tok in a couple of clicks, so be sure to include them in your content plan. But don’t get too carried away with these videos. And even less should you choose this format as your primary format. Tik-Tok’s audience appreciates variety and creativity. If it’s just surveys, people will get bored quickly, and they’ll stop coming to the profile.


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