Creation and promotion of events in VK

Regardless of the occupation, position and focus of activity, each person may need a tool such as creating and promoting events in VK. First of all, event managers and heads of various entertainment projects can resort to it. But this knowledge may be needed by a wider range of users. So, how to competently approach this issue?

How to create and promote an event in VK

An event in VK itself is an event – as a rule, a live meeting, less often – in online mode”… This tool can be used for various purposes: from organizing a meeting of alumni to launching a large-scale event project or flash mob. It can be both an event for a narrow circle of people who know each other, and an event with a wide coverage of the audience of certain users of the social network. A feature of this tool is that it can be used by any VKontakte user. There is no need to be a leader for this – anyone can create and promote a meeting in VK.

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But for successful promotion, you need to approach this issue quite seriously. In general, the ability to create and promote an event through a social network allows you to launch the whole process of attracting an audience in just a few simple clicks. The success of the venture lies in its correct creation and further competent promotion, which is worth considering in more detail below.

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How to create events: step by step instructions

Perhaps, now that it has become more clear what an event in VK is, we can directly consider the process of its creation. For ease of understanding, it is proposed to use screenshots, in which you can clearly see the whole process. But before you start creating an event, you need to accurately understand its purpose and the desired result. Think carefully initially:

  • what kind of event it will be;
  • where it will take place;
  • date and time of its holding;
  • participants of the event;
  • the form of the event;
  • the purpose of creating the event;
  • ways to achieve this goal;
  • methods of promotion (we will deal with this issue further);
  • the time it takes to achieve the desired result;
  • and other nuances.

These main and many other – minor – points need to be thought out in advance. This approach will help to clearly understand the goal and ways to achieve it. It is also worth immediately considering possible problems in the implementation of the idea and ways to resolve them. After you have decided on the specifics of your idea, you can start implementing it. First of all, you need to go to the “Groups” section and select the “Create community” button in the upper right corner:

Next, we are offered six different options for creating your community. We are interested in the creation of an event, whose icon is located last – in the lower right corner:

By clicking on it, another window appears in front of us, in which it is proposed to fill in the basic information:

  • Name. In this column, you come up with a name for the event you are creating – under it all users will see the event.
  • Subject. By clicking on this line, you will receive a whole list of proposed topics, from which you are invited to choose one that interests you.
  • Meeting type. There are two proposed options – open and closed. The difference between them is that people can add themselves to the first one, and only the organizer can invite to the second one.
  • Start time. In the proposed windows, it is proposed to put down the date and time of the start of the event. Below there is a button “Specify end date”, which will allow, if desired, to mark the day and time of the end of the event.
  • Organizer. Here you can choose yourself or the communities you manage as the event organizer (for group administrators and persons with such authority).
  • Contact details. By clicking on the corresponding button, you will receive a field for the phone number and mail. This will allow interested people to contact you to clarify the nuances.
  • The address. By clicking on the “Specify address” button, you will see a new window indicating the country, city, address and location of the event.

As for the choice of the organizer, in this case, you need to think about this issue carefully. Initially, decide on whose behalf the event will be held. If this event is from a certain organization that has its own group, or from your community, then it is more appropriate to put them. This will allow the audience to understand that the event is being held within the framework of an activity. In the case of a meeting of classmates, you can put yourself as the organizer. When specifying yourself as an organizer, and holding an event from a community or company, you can cause misunderstanding from an audience that does not know you (unless, of course, your person did not have time to gain fame). Thus, it is possible to reduce the number of possible participants by mistake. Conversely, you don’t have to choose your community as the organizer when creating an event with your friends. These moments need to be clearly distinguished.

Event decoration

After creation, you need to correctly design the event page. There are three main directions in the design of the created event:

  • Description. Here, describe in detail and in an accessible manner what kind of event you have created, what it is for, and what its participants will receive from it (you can make as a pinned entry).
  • Cover. In other words, everything that affects visualization. This includes the event page avatar, themed photos, and other visuals.
  • Applications and widgets in VK… The event administrator can add applications and widgets to provide additional options for attendees. A complete list of them can be seen in the screenshot below. It should be noted that it is imperative to connect a chat to enable participants to discuss various issues and even simple communication. If the event involves tickets, then the appropriate participant opportunity should be used. You can also connect “Donations” for additional (or targeted) financing of the event.

The arrangement of the meeting is largely done according to the same principle as group registration in VK

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Promotion – inviting to a meeting

In the case of adding attendees, two options should be considered: a small event for a specific group of people and a large event for a wide audience. In the first case, the event administrator himself can add participants; this process will not take much time. When creating a large-scale event, for which you want to gather as many people as possible, you should use all possible promotion options:

  • Invite from friends list. Pros – free, cons – relatively small reach, low conversion (not all friends will be interested in participating in a certain event).
  • An invitation from the list of community members. The essence is about the same as with inviting from the friends list, but the coverage is larger.
  • Inviting from third-party communities. This is a kind of advertising: you are looking for a public that suits you (preferably with a similar theme) and agree with its administrator about the possibility of adding its participants to your event. The price tag for this very service can vary from 400 to 15,000 rubles, depending on the quality of the community from where you are going to invite people.
  • Targeted advertising. The most effective way of all available in the arsenal (the audience is better to pre- parsing from groups in VK). Its advantage is the coverage of the target audience. Of the minuses – the need to study the settings and the high cost of the service – with a budget below five thousand rubles, you can not even meddle here.
  • Advertising the event through posts in third-party communities and opinion leaders. Opinion leaders are famous people in the thematic area. For example, for a business conference, these are well-known entrepreneurs. Thus, you can buy posts from them or in other thematic communities and blogs, which will provide your event with advertising to the target audience. You can also try to negotiate with someone about this service for free (on mutually beneficial terms).


It’s not enough to just invite people to an event and send out ads. It is also necessary to stir up the interest of those who took part in the event. This is done, as a rule, through thematic posts on the event page. It can be:

  • news messages;
  • humor;
  • thematic posts;
  • polls;
  • stories in VK on a personal page;
  • offers;
  • etc.

It is necessary to interest people, to involve them in active participation in the development of the event. Ideally, they should feel like a part of what is happening.


Thus, now you know the necessary tools for the successful creation and promotion of events in VK. With practice, these skills will give you more awareness of the need to use certain methods.

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