Creator Studio has a new section – “Inspiration”


Creator Studio Facebook and Instagram have a new section – Inspiration Hub.

In this section, you can see the most popular posts from the last day, week or month, as well as filter them by various parameters.

How to work in Inspiration in Creator Studio

After logging into Creator Studio, in the Facebook tab, you can open the Inspiration panel by clicking on it on the right.

You can use the following parameters to filter content from Facebook: period, page subject, content type, language and countries. You can also view the posts of an individual page.

To switch to Instagram, click on the “Platform” field and select “Instagram.” The same options are available to filter content, except for countries and page category.

The “Inspiration” section will help you keep track of trends. For example, you can see the most popular videos from the last week.

By default, the most popular posts by total engagement are shown (no more than 15). On the right, you can choose the type of sorting: newest, oldest, or by total engagement.

There is also a tab with popular hashtags, but only English-language tags are shown there for now.

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