CRM system in messages from the VK community: dialog labels and user data

VKontakte added the capabilities of CRM systems to Business Pages messages. The customer data will now be visible in community messages, and it will also be possible to create custom labels for dialogs.

Let’s figure out how to work with the new tool and how to use it correctly.

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How to add message tags to VK and why are they needed

When you receive a message in a group, you will see: age, city, activity in the community. This customer data can be seen by simply opening the correspondence.

Also, for convenient work with messages, you can use up to 20 tags that will be seen by other administrators.

To create a tag in messages from the VK community, follow the simple steps.

Step 1… Open the required dialog and click “Manage Labels”.

How to add message tags to VK

Step 2… Write a name for the label and choose a color. Click “Add” and “Save”.

Create tags in VK

Step 3… After that, the dialog will be able to mark them with tags.

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How to make tags in the VK community

How to use it? Indicate the label “Loyal customer” – for regular customers, “Write later” – for applications requiring clarification, “Partner” – for proposals for cooperation.

User data will be visible in both new and old dialogs starting in January this year. Within a few weeks, it will be possible to leave comments on dialogs with customers.

Recall that recently VKontakte launched the “Auto-promotion of goods” function, as well as a recommendation section in the product cards.

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