Current Tik Tok trends in January 2021

It’s no secret that TikTok is one of the most popular platforms for developing a personal blog and promoting a business. If you want to gain a large subscriber base, get maximum activity and get into the “Recommendations” – regularly monitor new platform trends. Studying and adding popular hashtags to content, as well as filming videos for current challenges will help you easily reach the TOP.

In this article, we will analyze the latest TikTok trends: you will find trend reviews, as well as video ideas for challenges and hashtags.

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A selection of current Tik Tok trends

Ready for the latest social networking trends? Then be sure to read on.

#quickly delicious

This hashtag is a godsend for culinary blogs and those who like to share delicious tutorials with their subscribers. If the topic of your account is somehow related to cooking, be sure to shoot a video for #quickly delicious. This is your chance to attract the attention of your target audience and get a lot of views (there are 286.2 million of them under this tag).

hashtag fast and tasty in tik tok

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#find out today

Under this hashtag, users express their opinions on any topic or share life hacks.

Some tiktokers talk about how to understand that your cat is happy, how many tangerines you can eat per day. Others give master classes on posing, cooking, fighting excess weight and burr.

Such videos are useful to many, it is not for nothing that they have gained 210 million views. You can also share relevant information with viewers to highlight your expertise and attract the attention of new subscribers.

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hashtag find out today in tik tok

#unusual image

The presented challenge offers to show a radical change in appearance to the music of Gucci. Its main feature is its versatility. Under such a hashtag, you can not only publish an entertaining video with dressing up, but also show the result of the work of a stylist, hairdresser, manicure master.

The hashtag #Unusual Image has already collected 116.8 million views.

challenge tik tok unusual image

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#I’m happy

The essence of the challenge is to show the moments when you were really happy under the track of Karina Cross.

Moving videos are published under this tag, causing a smile and a feeling of nostalgia. This explains the popularity of the challenge – it managed to gain more than 96 million views.

hashtag I'm happy in tik tok

#eyes are afraid

Many videos have been collected under this tag, which in total have gained 35.3 million views. In posts, Tiktokers share the secrets of their masterpieces and their own creative vision. And viewers are always interested in seeing the process of creation from the inside.

Most of the videos are about pencil and oil painting. But under the hashtag #you’re not afraid you can also find content about creating stuffed toys, knitted and sewn accessories, making sweets and making a variety of crafts.

hashtag eyes are not afraid in tik tok

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TikTok invites everyone to review any smart device that the user considers the best purchase of the year. The hashtag has collected over 16 million views.

This is a good way to advertise your product for free and increase sales (of course, if the product fits into this concept). The idea is perfect for the sellers of smartphones, computers and components, cameras, household appliances.

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hashtag gadget of the year in tik tok


To popularize the channel in Tik Tok, we advise you to regularly shoot videos for new challenges and hashtags. Choose the themes that are optimal for your tasks and add your own flavor to them to stand out from others.

We also recommend setting up deferred posting – this will save time and always stick to the content plan.

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