Dancing at Tik Tok in 2021: popular trends, training

Tik Tok dances – fiery rhythms of movements, filmed on video. On the social network, you can not only see how well the users dance, but also take part in a master class. How to shoot such videos in this article.

Popular dances at Tik Tok in 2021

The videos with the most views are usually aimed at the following actions:

  • moving up the stairs;
  • Best Foot Shake.
  • hip-hop;
  • OH NA NA NA Dance Challenge DiDi;
  • With Spiderman And Thanos.

The first version of the video does not take much time and does not require skills. Girls with different textures turn on rhythmic music, step up the steps cheerfully. They shoot it on camera, upload it to a social network and get views with likes.

Best foot shake – horse racing. Popular bloggers like to shoot such videos in the Duet to maintain the spirit of competition.

Hip-hop – dynamic movements with rapper recitative. Most often, when viewing, Tiktokers try to repeat the actions of the author.

OH NA NA NA – captured teenagers all over the world. Tiktokers perform movements on two different music tracks, thus showing a preference for one of them.

With Spiderman And Thanos – the most popular moves, in which superheroes from comics take part. The guys can simultaneously dance with different characters who take part in Hollywood films. Dancing is also popular dance monkey, skeleton dance – spooky scary skeletons and dance celton

You will find many videos on the social network for the song “Obsessed“Mariah Carey and the song”Lyubimka“. Obsessed, thanks to simple rhythms, allows you to create many coips with different messages. The developers also set the theme based on the events. To check, enter the search bar “halloween” and “trash”.

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All you need to do is download music and learn new moves.

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If we talk about trends, then popular trends are rapidly changing on the social network. Basically, these are unusual movements that are performed with hands or fingers:

  • Finger Tat (finger tut).
  • Tatting (tutting).

The first type involves movements of the fingers and palms. Invented in America, in the 80s of the last century. Their principle is based on the implementation of various geometric shapes, but in a modern design.

Tatting similar to the first option, but differs in that only hands take part in the dance. The movements are transferred to the era of Tutankhamun, when the movements of the hands were characterized by a special bend of the hands.

Which dances are easier to learn

To learn dances at Tik Tok, it is recommended to follow the rule – the figures must have a clear geometric shape: a square, a triangle, etc. Learn this by watching the training videos. For smooth lines, plasticity is needed, which requires regular gymnastics. For this purpose, a set of exercises from Finger Fitness or gymnastics for pianists is suitable.

Remember that learning to dance, like learning about the characteristics in another area, takes time, perseverance and inner strength. Be patient to learn how to make the movements well, and pay attention to the smoothness and beauty of the transitions.

Pay attention to the music. Divide the track into sections to easily perform different movements.

Since the age of the main audience is young people from 13 to 17 years old, the videos should be dynamic.

  1. Before starting a workout, carefully watch the master class in order to better remember the sequence and technique of execution.
  2. Do a warm-up so as not to injure your fingers with sudden movements and unusual stress for them.
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Don’t think that a 15 second video is very easy and quick to make. The preparatory process for cool content takes a long time when the author is just learning dance art. The warm-up includes light circular movements with the hands, clenching and unclenching of fists, fanning out the fingers.

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Dancing from Tik Tok in 2021 is a good and free way to get attention as a blogger. For inspiration, watch clips of Asians dancing beautifully with their characteristic charisma. Bloggers from Korea manage not only to provide the public with dynamic videos, but also to advertise the products.

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