Decoding of voice messages appeared on VK

VKontakte can now recognize voice messages by translating them into text.

Now the new function is available only in the VK mobile application. When a voice message arrives, just press a special button, and a text transcript will appear next to it.

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More details:

  • A new neural network created by VK is responsible for recognition. She copes with the recognition of Russian-language slang, poor recording quality, fuzzy speech and punctuation marks.
  • Received and sent audio messages can be recognized up to 30 seconds. In the future, they promise to increase this limit, as well as make it possible to recognize forwarded voice messages.
  • Thanks to the new function, there is also a search by audio messages! Enter a keyword and among the search results there will also be audio messages where it was spoken
  • In the future, VK is planning to add recognition capabilities to the computer version.

Earlier, VKontakte launched targeting by music preferences, and also added comments to Stories.

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