Deeplink for Instagram: what is it, how to do it for free +4 link services

Today we’ll talk about such an interesting tool as deep links – why are they needed, how they work, when they are used. We will also tell you how easy it is to create a deep link for Instagram.

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What is a Deeplink link and how it works

A deep link (deeplink) is a deep link that directs the user directly to the mobile application, bypassing unnecessary barriers. Without a deep link, a user who follows a regular link first gets to the mobile version of the site, then he needs to download the application or log in to it, then get to the desired page – the whole process of clicking on the link stretches over several steps, which is why about 50% is lost traffic.

With a deep link, the user immediately gets into the application. If the app is not installed, the link directs the user to the App Store or Google Play, depending on the OS on their device.

Using Instagram as an example… You have launched targeted ads on your Instagram profile or placed a direct link on your website. The link looks like If you click on it from a device on Android or iOS, the profile will open not in the Instagram application, but in the internal browser of the social network. It looks like this:

It is clear from the screen that if a user is not logged into Instagram through a browser, he will not be able to immediately subscribe to an account, write a message to Direct or watch publications – first he needs to log in. Already at this stage, some of the traffic falls off.

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Even in the mobile application, it is more convenient to view your Instagram profile, and in the browser you need to press “Back” every time, flipping through posts – this also repels potential subscribers.

This is how a profile opened through a deep link looks like – the page opens directly in the application, you can immediately subscribe, write a message, and it is more convenient to scroll through posts thanks to the familiar interface.

Instagram page opened by deep link

What deep links can do:

  • direct the user to the desired screen of the mobile application;
  • collect statistics on clicks, referral sources and users (via deep link services);
  • they are indexed by search engines;
  • they can be embedded in a QR code.

Output: deep links are relevant for mobile traffic. They provide a higher conversion rate compared to direct link to the application. Thanks to the deep link, traffic is not lost, and you do not waste your advertising budget, due to the fact that users are not authorized on Instagram in the browser. Through deep links, you can direct traffic not only to your Instagram profile, but also to specific publications.

How to create a deep link for Instagram for free

By themselves, deep links look quite cumbersome and not trustworthy + do not open in all browsers, therefore, to create such links, they use special services that conduct traffic through themselves. It turns out short direct links or pages with buttons that work correctly on any device.

You can create a deep link for Instagram for free in three ways through the Jusl service:

# 1… Go to the service website, click “Create a link to Instagram”.

How to create a deep link for Instagram for free

We register a full link or just a nickname and click on the arrow on the right.

How to make a link for Instagram

As a result, the link looks like

Deeplink for Instagram

After clicking on the link, the user sees a page with such a large “Click here” button, by clicking on which he immediately gets into the application.

Follow the deep link on Instagram

# 2… You don’t even need to visit the Jusl website. Just take the link, then replace part of the link with and get a deep link

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Number 3… Through the telegram bot service. We find the @juslbot bot in the Telegram, click “Run”.

Telegram bot for creating a deep link

Minus – the bot asks to log in via the phone number. Click “Send phone number”, the bot is sent the one to which Telegram is registered.

Link for Instagram via Telegram

Then the bot offers to enter a promo code for paid functions, if it is not there, click “Skip”. To make a deep link, click on the “Add link” button.

Add a deep link for Instagram

Here you can make one link or business card with several buttons. We chose 1 link, then you need to drop it to the bot.

Create deeplink

You can edit the link and the appearance of the button, when everything is ready, click “Publish”.

Post link

We get a link of the form It is better to use a bot to create a business card with several buttons, the first 2 methods are more suitable for a single link – they are simpler and links have a more aesthetic look: versus QtQT22y.

But on the other hand, the third method has a significant plus – if the user has not clicked on the “Click here” button, he is automatically redirected by the link after 3 seconds.

Link to Instagram in the app

PS The second use of a deep link is the creation of a mini-business card with several links, when you need to send traffic to several resources at once, for example, on Instagram, WhatsApp, on the website and on the YouTube channel. In fact, this is already a multi-link.

Below we will consider other services for creating deep links.

Deeplink services for Instagram

There are free and paid services. Some are intended only for creating deep links, others allow you to create mini-business cards with several buttons, others are included in the package of tools for promotion, that is, they are only one of the functions of the service.

We wrote above about Jusl. What other services are there:


BMBE is a multifunctional service for doing business on Instagram. Deep links are just one of the functions, besides them, the service has auto-posting, working with Direct messages and comments, auto-greetings for new subscribers, page design, account analysis, summing up the results of running contests, competitor analysis, access to the account of other employees without sending a password (for delegation of tasks) – in general, this is a whole combine for promoting Instagram.

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Deeplink services for Instagram

Deep links are a paid feature of BMBE. 500 clicks on the link per month are available for free, and then you will have to pay from 290 rubles for 3000 clicks.


Deeplinkr is a service that only makes deep links. Supports several social networks other than Instagram. You can attach your domain for deep links, click statistics are kept for each link. 500 clicks per month for free, then from 400 rubles per month for 3,000 clicks, or you can buy packages of clicks, for example, 500 additional transitions for 170 rubles.

Deeplinkr - online link building service


Instadeep is a deep link service for Instagram with no clicks. Price – 199-300 rubles per month, depending on the number of paid months, there is a test period of 7 days. This service is tailored specifically for use in advertising on Instagram through the Ads Manager on Facebook. Each tariff implies working with one Instagram account.


Deeplink pitfalls

Despite the obvious advantages of deep links, you need to use them at your own peril and risk. For example, Facebook Ads Manager is not very fond of deep links and may consider their use in violation of paragraph 4, subparagraph 28 in the section “Content with restrictions” – “Systems for bypassing security measures”.

Deep link blocking

In addition, if the deep link service breaks, users will not be able to follow the link, and Facebook will also threaten with a ban for a broken link. However, if you don’t run targeted ads on Facebook, then it’s not so bad.


Use deep links on Instagram at your own discretion, as it is unsafe if you run targeted ads on Facebook. In other cases, deep links allow you to increase traffic and save your advertising budget, because it is more convenient to use them to switch to mobile applications.

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