Delayed posting service PublBox: overview of features

An SMM specialist is all-in-one: a copywriter, a creative, a designer, a marketer, and a moderator. This profession is multifaceted, and many responsibilities are assigned to the SMM-specialist:

  • draw up a content plan;
  • set up and run RK;
  • track the effectiveness of RK;
  • write and design creative posts;
  • communicate with subscribers, ban inadequate.
  • attract new subscribers in all possible ways.

If you have to maintain company pages in several social networks – all this is multiplied by two, by three … And if you have several projects? And everywhere you need to plan and publish content to come out on time?

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Yes, you can use the built-in delayed posting tools – they are found in almost every social network. But you have to sit and cook, upload posts for each social network separately.

Imagine that you have a tool that will help you not only quickly make publications in several social networks at once, but also work out a content plan, beautifully design posts and track their effectiveness. In short, solve all your problems.

And there is such a service – it is PublBox… Also at the end of the article you will find a small gift from the creators of the service.

PublBox is a multifunctional SMM service

PublBox is a multifunctional SMM platform. Manage pages on several social networks at the same time, schedule publications, use a convenient design editor. The service also offers training and convenient reports.

PublBox is suitable for:

  • advanced SMM specialists;
  • newcomers to SMM promotion;
  • business owners who are promoting themselves;
  • freelancers of “general profile”, who, among other things, are engaged in maintaining groups in social networks;
  • bloggers;
  • those who are trying to monetize public, Youtube channels.

Thanks to its wide functionality, the service will simplify the work of developing a publication plan, creating posts and directly posting them to the social network – in a word, it will take over the entire routine. An indispensable tool for those who maintain several publics on different social networks.

PublBox works with:

  • Facebook (creating a unique design for pages and posts, teamwork);
  • Instagram (schedule of a series of publications, cross-posting);
  • Twitter (automatic posting for any number of accounts);
  • Youtube (maintaining multiple channels, auto-posting, adding popular social networks to your account);
  • Vkontakte (cross-posting, posting, managing multiple groups);
  • Odnoklassniki (auto-posting, reports);
  • Linkedin (auto-posting, cross-posting, convenient reports).

PublBox advantages:

  1. The service combines all the necessary functions for an SMM specialist: from drawing up a content plan to auto-posting and designing publications
  2. There is an application for iOS, Android – you can even manage your pages from your mobile;
  3. Through PublBox, you can manage an unlimited number of pages, accounts, and in various popular social networks;
  4. Convenient visual editor for design not only posts, but also groups in social networks – creating covers, avatars;
  5. SMM training, with the ability to receive a certificate after training;
  6. Help in creating unique, high-quality content: at every step you will find tips, examples and publication templates that will help you find a good idea for your own posts;
  7. Reasonable prices. There is a free trial period of 7 days. Paid tariffs start at $ 9. per month. Each tariff plan supports all social networks, and all the main functions of the service are available.
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Service capabilities

Let’s now get to a close acquaintance with each of the PublBox functions.

Beginning of work

Registration on the service is very fast. You can register through social networks – Vkontakte, Facebook or Google+.

After that, you will need to fill in the required fields on the registration page, answer questions – and the service will automatically adjust to your needs.

After registration, your working page will open in front of you:

Go to publbox

You can create and configure your first project:

How to create a project in Pabblebox

For convenience, we call it a friendly name and connect social networks. Let’s say your company has two pages – one VK, the other on Facebook. So let’s add these pages here.

Let’s start with Facebook.

To do this, click on the icon of this social network, allow access to your page. Then, from the list of pages that you manage, you need to select those that you want to add to the project:

Connect facebook

Linking a page from VKontakte goes the same way – with the difference that your pages are automatically displayed directly in PublBox. After saving, the project page will look like this:

Project page in Pabblebox

Now you can get to work.

Content strategy

Promotion on the Internet, including social networks, is impossible without a strategy. You need to know what and when to post on your page in order to retain old subscribers and attract new ones.

PublBox offers you assistance in putting together an effective content strategy. To use the tool, you need to go to the corresponding tab in the menu:

Then you will need to take a survey – answer 4 questions:

Who do you represent (business, blogger, non-profit organization);

What is your goal at the moment? Moreover, goals can be set manually.:

Desired posting frequency?

Set the period for the content plan (from 4 to 12 weeks).

At the output, you get the following table:

There is a schedule of posts, and a recommendation on what kind of content to publish. You can accept the strategy, or you can try to create a new one if this does not suit you for some reason.

PublBox also offers you an example of a post for publication, with an explanation of what this or that type of content is.

To open the recommended post, you need to click on the circle.

The service also provides guidance on how to guide the community over the plan itself. For example, the goal is to build a reputation, and the service advises to focus on reputation content; but don’t forget about entertaining to make the community more alive.

Smart calendar (deferred posting and posting schedule)

The second important feature of PublBox is the Smart Calendar. With it, you can create a publication schedule, and set up deferred posting to several social networks at once.

By going to the “Smart-calendar” tab, you will immediately see the latest ideas for new posts, news feeds by day. Below is a grid in which you can create and schedule new posts.

Content calendar

To create a post, you need to select a day and time in the grid. The cell will immediately display the inscription “Create post”, by clicking which, you will open the editor of the publication:

Create a Pabblebox post

As you can see in the screenshot, create post as easy as shelling pears – you just need to enter text, attach a picture and click “Publish”. You can schedule the post at the desired time or publish immediately.

To publish a post on two social networks at once (or how many you control), you just need to select the desired social networks from above:

The publication will be released immediately on Vkontakte and Facebook.

There are wonderful templates for ready-made publications under the editor.

Post templates

Choose the theme you want and the service will find templates for you. You can download them yourself or edit them in advance.

After creating a post, you can set any time for its release by clicking on “Schedule”:

Setting up auto-posting

The service will tell you the best time to post.

After saving the publication, you can create the next one. The saved one will now be reflected in your calendar:

For example, this post will be released on Tuesday at 11.30 am. By clicking on a cell, you can view and edit the post.

Smart calendar also includes a handy reminder function. Based on the developed content strategy, the service will remind you when and what to publish. Whatever you do, you won’t forget to post new content to your community.

You can expand the functions of the Smart Calendar by purchasing a PRO + or Enterprise package with a Content Strategy. In this case, the Calendar is fully integrated with the Content Strategy and all content plans will be transferred automatically.

Design editor

Even if you are not a designer at all, and you do not have such a person on the staff, in PublBox you can create a beautiful design for your publications. There is a built-in design editor for this. And you no longer need to clutter your computer with Photoshop and other programs for working with pictures.

Publbox design editor

Through the design editor, you can create covers, avatars and pictures for posts. In the mode of working with covers, the editor will offer you design options, templates that you can modify and adjust for yourself. You can set a theme to choose the most suitable design. For example, here’s for travel posts:

Cover templates

The Avatars mode also has a set of templates:

Avatar generator

And here are examples of images for posts:

Pictures for posts

Each of them can be changed – when you hover over the picture, the “Edit” button appears.

Here the editor itself opens directly:

In it you can:

  • move blocks;
  • change the background;
  • add text;
  • add different shapes;
  • upload and use your images.

The interface is intuitive, so making a simple collage is not difficult.

The finished picture can be downloaded to a computer or immediately used as a post. Click “Use” when you make changes, and the post editor will open in front of you:

All that remains is to publish or schedule a publication.

SMM training

PublBox not only makes it easier to maintain groups and pages on social networks. He will also help you to raise your level of knowledge in the field of SMM. Moreover, you can study at a convenient pace, in your free time, “on the job.”

You are offered a huge array of information about what and when to publish on social networks, how to write and design posts, how to organize the correct work with social networks.

The service offers a unique course consisting of 67 lessons from professionals. It has everything from the basics for beginners to the intricacies of customizing advertising tools for professionals. Besides the lessons, there are detailed instructions and examples.

There is a separate course on working with video and YouTube. I would also like to highlight a detailed course on analytics.

All courses are available in paid subscription plans (there is no access to content in the free seven-day version).

The service also has its own blog, where you will find a lot of useful information:

For example, they recently published a very useful article about The basics of copyright for SMMs

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This feature is currently under development. It is planned to display all the necessary information on accounts in different social networks in a single control panel. The reports will help to track the activity of participants, engagement, analyze popular posts, and monitor the growth of the audience.

All reports will be available for export so that you can study them in more detail.

Instead of a conclusion

PublBox is a multifunctional SMM platform that will make it much easier for you to work with promotion on social networks. Especially if you do it professionally and you have a lot of projects under management. Leave the entire routine to an automated service, and spend the saved time on something more enjoyable.

By the way, especially for the readers of our site there is 10% discount to pay for any tariff promo code “imPubl”.

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