Delayed posts on Instagram can now be done through Creator Studio

The social network Facebook will allow account administrators to schedule posts on Instagram through Creator Studio. Previously, you had to use auto-posting services for this.

Let’s figure out how to set up a posting on Instagram on a schedule using the Creator Studio.

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How to make a delayed post on Instagram via Creator Studio: step by step instructions

Step 1. Go to the page – We press the button “Start”.

Step 2. Close all tooltips and click on the Instagram icon in the top menu.

creator studio facebook

We link the Instagram profile – for this you need to enter your username and password. If everything went well, you will see your account’s content library.

Please note that a commercial Instagram profile or author account is required to use Creator Studio.

Step 3… In the left side menu, click “Create Post” and select “Instagram Feed” from the drop-down menu.

How to make a delayed post on Instagram via Creator Studio: step by step instructions

After that, on the right side of the screen, you will need to select the account to which the publication will be made.

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Step 4… Creating a publication. Further, as when creating a regular publication:

  • write the text of the post, add hashtags and mentions;
  • specify geolocation;
  • upload a photo or video (you can upload media from a PC or from your Facebook business page).

Create an Instagram post in Creator Studio

This way you can add posts and videos to IGTV. It is not yet possible to post Stories and tag other users in the photo.

Step 5Post time… The created post can be published right now or set the time of publication. To do this, next to the button for instant publication, click on the triangle and select “Scheduled publication” from the menu.

How to schedule an Instagram post with Creator Studio

We set the time and date of publication and confirm by clicking on the blue button.

After that, the scheduled post will appear in the publication list and the inscription “Scheduled” will be displayed next to it. To cancel a publication, select it and click “Delete” in the top menu.

How to delete a post via creator studio


As you can see, now you can set up auto-posting on Instagram through the Creator Studio, while the tool is very simple and besides free! This suggests one simple conclusion – Instagram, how it can get rid of third-party services and create its own similar tools.

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