Direct is the new messenger from Instagram

Instagram has launched a test of a separate messaging app called “Direct”. The application is available for download in the Play Market and App Store in six countries: Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Uruguay. After installing “Direct” – the section of personal messages on Instagram disappears and correspondence becomes possible only with the help of the service. Facebook launched Messenger in the same way in 2014 – independently of the social network itself.

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Instagram Project Manager Hemal Shah, on behalf of his employers, states that, thanks to its autonomy, Direct can become the best solution in its field:

“We want Instagram to be a tool for saving all of your moments, and chatting with close friends is an important part of this process. Direct has grown over the past four years. He will be even better if he is “on his own”. We can push the boundaries and create the fastest and most creative private messaging service if Direct becomes a standalone application. ”

The messenger version that was launched for testing has three main screens:

  • main screen with a camera;
  • profile editor;
  • chat for sharing photos and messages.
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In the future, an Instagram icon will appear in the application to go to the main application, and in Instagram itself an icon to go to the Direct application.

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More than 370 million people monthly use Direct messaging – that’s Instagram itself. The rise in demand for internal messaging in social networks is associated with the ability to comment on “Stories”.

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