Dislikes for VK comments will appear in 2020

At the beginning of 2020, dislikes for comments will appear in VK. All users of the social network will be able to put dislikes on other people’s comments. The representatives of the social network spoke about this at the VK Content Day conference.

With the help of “dislikes”, users will be able to express their disagreement with the opinion of the commentator, without entering into a discussion with him, the representatives of VKontakte explained.

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How dislikes will affect ranking and display under the post, relative to other comments, has not yet been reported.

There is a similar function, for example, in YouTube. Other social networks do not allow disliking user comments.

Also, at the conference, they talked about the Stories that will be available to communities, and a little earlier in the advertising office there was an opportunity to find out the cost of a VKontakte subscriber.

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