Displaying the cover of the VK group on mobile devices

Just a few days ago, the covers of VK groups began to display more correctly on smartphones and tablets.

However, not all of the cover is displayed on the screen of a mobile device. the edges of the cover are cropped by 197 pixels on both sides. Therefore, if an appeal for subscribers or USP is placed on the cover, you should take this into account and place information in the center.

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In addition, the top field of the mobile device is occupied by icons (wi-fi, battery level, etc.), so we subtract another 83 pixels from the top. And also 140 pixels on each side, which are assigned to the application buttons.

Therefore, if you want beautifully arrange a VKontakte group, for both PC and smartphones, these features should be taken into account.

For clarity, at the beginning of the article is a drawing from the VK blog.

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