Don’t shoot yourself in the foot! How the business itself kills marketing results

Conventionally, everything can be reduced to three things: managers from the business side kill the results, the business itself buries the results for internal reasons, and the agencies lose clients.

The programmer knows best how to do marketing

Most often, the situation occurs in micro-business. These are, for example, small shops or service sites. Also in technically complex projects – Single Page Applications Site, written in Angular or React.

The main signs of the disease:

  • For some reason, the programmer begins to influence marketing decisions. That’s right, this is when he is told and he does.

  • The programmer says that he will not make any edits, because he does not like them, this is a wake-up call.

The reasons for this situation are:

  • Management has little understanding of IT. Therefore, the business falls into bondage to the developers. Nobody, except the programmer, understands what and how it works.

  • There is no documentation for the site / product.

  • The first programmer who does anything on time becomes an important person in the company.

What SEOs should do:

  • Make friends with a programmer. Explain that there will be some sort of SEO task stack as part of product development. You also need to explain why everything is being done.

  • If there are impenetrable people who are not ready to cooperate, you need to go to the leadership and resolve the conflict.

Programmers need to understand:

  • Business is a living organism that makes money. This is not a code skill toy.

  • Marketing is closer to leadership, to money, which means that marketers will be listened to more.

  • If a programmer fails implementations, they should be fired.

What needs to be done from the business side:

  • Tell the programmer that he should spend 10% of his time structuring code, writing instructions, creating backups and git.

  • When dealing with programmers, you need to be decisive. Say: “You will do this, so the company needs it.”

  • When a programmer tries to influence marketing, this should be regarded as sabotage and a new programmer should be sought.

  • You need to delve into the technical side of the issue, study how your site or product works.

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On the slide, the traffic of a real project:

The client paid 1,350,000 rubles, but did not meet the traffic forecast due to the programmer’s refusals to do something.

Developers from the client’s side do not understand why the site needs improvements

If the previous case is more about business, where there is no vertical large IT organizational structure, then this example is about corporations, factories, large enterprises.

Signs of problems:

  • Changes have not been implemented for over a month.

  • You are not allowed to contact the development directly.

  • There is no access to the task stack – you have no idea what improvements are currently being released and when your recommendations will be implemented.

The reasons are:

  • Mistakes when selling marketing services. Even at the conclusion of the contract, you need to explain to the client that the site will have to be changed, that there will be constant edits.

  • The structure of the company is too complex. If the company is large, clumsy, decision-making is delayed.

  • The management of the marketing direction simply does not track the performers, does not represent the amount of losses.

This situation cannot be tolerated. You need to conduct a dialogue with the account manager, constantly keep in touch. If necessary, go to the manual.

What to do:

  • If you are a business owner, be sure to find out how many tasks development covers for your agency. If 10 tasks are set, and only 2 are closed, then this indicates that the project will most likely not be effective.

  • Any marketing contract should always include development time.

Here’s an example of such a company:

development is not up to SEO tasks.jpg

Only a year later, access to CRM appeared and it became possible to contact developers. And then the growth began, which is marked by an oval.

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A relative of the client comes and says that he will now conduct all the marketing

This is typical for small and micro businesses.

The signs of trouble are simple:

  • An incompetent person comes in and gets involved in the project.

  • We receive a notification that your services are no longer needed, transfer everything to our person.

The reasons:

  • The owner does not understand what is happening.

  • Thieves and hackers in marketing leadership.

  • The client is quite small.

How to fight:

  • If you see that the business owner is not very competent, talk to him more often, explain what is being done and why.

  • Don’t work with bad people, don’t hire bad clients.

  • If a large contract is taken away, go to the business owner and say that his marketers are taking kickbacks.

Business rules:

  • If your friend is a good person, but not a marketer, do not rush to appoint him to the position. Take control of your contractor.

  • Provide Skillbox / Netology marketing training to help you understand the process.

  • Supervise all projects of the new leadership.

An example of when a “friend of my mother’s friend” became the head of marketing:

mom's friend's son came.jpg

The client decides: “Stop paying, then our business will go by itself”

It is found everywhere in the private segment.

Signs of problems:

Causes of occurrence:

  • There is really nothing to do, you have done everything, and the client is still paying.

  • Greed and misunderstanding of the owner of the company, why all this is being done.

  • Joint wine agency and company.

What an agency should do:

  • If there is really nothing else to do on the project, let the client go.

  • Offer support for 30% of the price.

  • Sell ‚Äč‚Äčanother ad channel.

What a business should do:

  • If advertising makes money, pay.

  • Don’t be greedy, don’t give up support.

  • Pay well for good work.

If it becomes clear that an active SEO project is no longer needed, you can switch the work to support mode. Growth will continue:

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don't want to pay.jpg

New site launches quickly and marketing is delayed

The situation is everywhere.

Signs of problems:

  • The client says that tomorrow he is rolling out a new beautiful site developed by an unknown company.

The agency is always to blame for this situation. It does not communicate with the client, does not explain, does not know what is happening in the client’s development.

What an agency should do:

  • Firing a lazy manager who does not work with a client.

  • Start delving into the client’s business.

What a business should do:

  • In case of any changes on the site, notify the agency.

  • There is no compelling reason to lay out a new site urgently tomorrow.

  • If the agency is not aware of your developments, change the agency.

An example of what happened after the urgent launch of the new site:

new site.jpg

How not to lose money and not get angry?

Keep your finger on the pulse, understand the principles of advertising, come to your marketing meetings with the agency.

What an agency should do:

  • At the stage of the sale, be honest about how everything will happen. It is better not to take a client than to spend a year of each other, not to make money and catch the negative.
  • Get your managers interested in the client’s business! If they don’t want to, get out of the company.
  • Stop “closing tasks under the contract” – do the work, and do not squeeze the money.

What a business should do:

  • Finally start wondering “what you got there with advertising.” Advertising brings sales: no sales, no business.

  • Come to the agency and your marketing meeting! Maybe your people are preventing the agency from working?

  • Take a closer look at your agency: is it really involved or is it just submitting a 69 page report?

The report was read by Oleg Shestakov, General Director, “Rush Agency”

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